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Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The network contains a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012. Server1 has the Network Policy and Access Services server role installed. You plan to deploy additional servers that have the Network Policy and Access Services server role installed. You must standardize as many settings on the new servers as possible. You need to identify which settings can be standardized by using the Network Policy Server (NPS) templates. Which three settings should you identify? (Each answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.)


A.      IP filters

B.      shared secrets

C.      health policies

D.      network policies

E.       connection request policies


Correct Answer: ABC




From where can you enable NAT?


A.      Routing and Remote Access ==> IPv4 ==> Create new Routing Protocol

B.      Missing

C.      Missing

D.      Missing


Correct Answer: A




You are the network administrator for a midsize computer company. You have a single Active Directory forest, and your DNS servers are configured as Active Directory Integrated zones. When you look at the DNS records in Active Directory, you notice that there are many records for computers that do not exist on your domain. You want to make sure only domain computers register with your DNS servers. What should you do to resolve this issue?


A.      Set dynamic updates to None.

B.      Set dynamic updates to Nonsecure And Secure.

C.      Set dynamic updates to Domain Users Only.

D.      Set dynamic updates to Secure Only.


Correct Answer: D




A system administrator is trying to determine which file system to use for a server that will become a Windows Server 2012 file server and domain controller. The company has the following requirements:


Ÿ   The file system must allow for file-level security from within Windows 2012 Server.

Ÿ   The file system must make efficient use of space on large partitions.

Ÿ   The domain controller SYSVOL must be stored on the partition.


Which of the following file systems meets these requirements?


A.      FAT

B.      FAT32

C.      HPFS

D.      NTFS


Correct Answer: D




You need to create a new user account using the command prompt. Which command would you use?


A.      dsmodify

B.      dscreate

C.      dsnew

D.      dsadd


Correct Answer: D




You are hired as a consultant to the ABC Company. The owner of the company complains that she continues to have Desktop wallpaper that she did not choose. When you speak with the IT team, you find out that a former employee created 20 GPOs and they have not been able to figure out which GPO is changing the owner’s Desktop wallpaper. How can you resolve this issue?


A.      Run the RSoP utility against all forest computer accounts.

B.      Run the RSoP utility against the owner’s computer account.

C.      Run the RSoP utility against the owner’s user account.

D.      Run the RSoP utility against all domain computer accounts.


Correct Answer: C




You have a Server named Server 1 that has a Server Core Installation on Windows Server 2012. You need to view the time-to-live (TTL) value of a host name that is cached on Server1. What should you run?


A.      dnscacheugc.exe

B.      ipconfig.exe /displaydns

C.      nslookup.exe

D.      Show-DNSserverCache


Correct Answer: B




Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains a RADIUS server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012. You add a VPN server named Server2 to the network. On Server1, you create several network policies. You need to configure Server1 to accept authentication requests from Server2. Which tool should you use on Server1?


A.      Add-RemoteAccessRadius

B.      New-NpsRadiusClient

C.      Remote Access Management Console

D.      Routing and Remote Access

E.       Server Manager


Correct Answer: B




Your network contains a single Active Directory domain named The domain contains a domain controller named DC1 that hosts the primary DNS zone for All servers dynamically register their host names. You install three new Web servers that host identical copies of your company’s intranet website. The servers are configured as shown in the following table.




You need to use DNS records to load balance name resolution queries for between the three Web servers. What is the minimum number of DNS records that you should create manually?


A.      1

B.      3

C.      4

D.      6


Correct Answer: B




You have a server that runs Windows Server 2012. You have an offline image named Windows2012.vhd that contains an installation of Windows Server 2012. You plan to apply several updates to Windows2012.vhd. You need to mount Windows2012.vhd to H:. Which tool should you use?


A.      Device Manager

B.      Diskpart

C.      Mountvol

D.      Server Manager


Correct Answer: B