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A user needs to enter a DateTime in a text field. You need to parse the value in code. Which method do you use?


A. DateTime.Parse

B. DateTime.TryParse

C. Convert.ToDateTime

D. Regex.Match.


Correct Answer: B




You are working on a globalized web application. You need to parse a text field where the user enters an amount of money. Which method do you use?


A. int.TryParse(value, NumberStyles.Currency, UICulture);

B. decimal.TryParse(value, NumberStyles.Currency, UICulture);

C. decimal.TryParse(value, ServerCulture);

D. decimal.TryParse(value)


Correct Answer: B




You need to validate an XML file. What do you use?


A. JavaScriptSerializer

B. RegEx

C. StringBuilder



Correct Answer: D




Bob and Alice are using an asymmetric algorithm to exchange data. Which key should they send to the other party to make this possible?


A. Bob sends Alice his private key, and Alice sends Bob her public key.

B. Bob sends Alice his private key, and Alice sends Bob her private key.

C. Bob sends Alice his public key, and Alice sends Bob her public key.

D. Bob sends Alice his public key, and Alice sends Bob her private key.


Correct Answer: C





You need to send sensitive data to another party and you want to make sure that no one tampers with the data. Which method do you use? (Choose all that apply.)


A. X509Certificate2.SignHash

B. RSACryptoServiceProvider.Encrypt

C. UnicodeEncoding.GetBytes

D. Marshal.ZeroFreeBSTR


Correct Answer: AC




You are building a strong-named assembly and you want to reference a regular assembly to reuse some code you built. What do you have to do?


A. You first need to put the assembly in the GAC.

B. Nothing. Referencing another assembly to use some code is always possible.

C. You need to sign the other assembly before using it.

D. You need to use the public key token of the other assembly to reference it.


Correct Answer: C




You are building an assembly that will be used by a couple of server applications. You want to make the update process of this assembly as smooth as possible. Which steps should you take?


A. Create a WinMD Metadata file.

B. Deploy the assembly to the GAC.

C. Add an assemblyBinding section to each client application that points to the location of the assembly.

D. Strongly name the assembly.


Correct Answer: B




You want to deploy an assembly to a shared location on the intranet. Which steps should you take? (Choose all that apply.)


A. Strongly name the assembly.

B. Use the codebase configuration element in the applications that use the assembly.

C. Deploy the assembly to the GAC.

D. Use the assemblyBinding configuration element with the probing option.


Correct Answer: AB




You are ready to deploy your code to a production server. Which configuration do you deploy?


A. Debug configuration

B. Release configuration

C. Custom configuration with PDB files

D. Release configuration built with the /debug:full compiler flag


Correct Answer: B


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