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You want to create a type that can be easily sorted. Which interface should you implement?


A. IEnumerable

B. IComparable

C. IDisposable

D. IUnknown


Correct Answer: B




You want to inherit from an existing class and add some behavior to a method. Which steps do you have to take? (Choose all that apply.)


A. Use the abstract keyword on the base type.

B. Use the virtual keyword on the base method.

C. Use the new keyword on the derived method.

D. Use the override keyword on the derived method.


Correct Answer: BD




You want to read the value of a private field on a class. Which BindingFlags do you need? (Choose all that apply.)


A. Instance

B. DeclaredOnly

C. Static

D. NonPublic


Correct Answer: AD





You want to create a delegate that can filter a list of strings on a specific value. Which type should you use?


A. Action<bool, IEnumerable<string>>.

B. Func<IEnumerable<string>, IEnumerable<string>>.

C. Func<string, IEnumerable<string>, IEnumerable<string>>.

D. Func<IEnumerable<string>>.


Correct Answer: C




You are about to execute a piece of code that is performance-sensitive. You are afraid that a garbage collection will occur during the execution of this code. Which method should you call before executing your code?


A. GC.RemoveMemoryPressure()

B. GC. SuppressFinalize()

C. GC.Collect()

D. GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers()


Correct Answer: C




An object that is implementing IDisposable is passed to your class as an argument. Should you wrap the element in a using statement?


A. Yes, otherwise a memory leak could happen.

B. No, you should call Close on the object.

C. No, you should use a try/finally statement and call Dispose yourself.

D. No, the calling method should use a using statement.


Correct Answer: D




Your application is using a lot of memory. Which solution should you use?


A. Turn all references into WeakReferences.

B. Set all references to null when you are done with them.

C. Use a caching algorithm to decide which objects can be freed.

D. Use a background thread to call GC.Collect() on a scheduled interval.


Correct Answer: C




You want to display only the date portion of a DateTime according to the French culture. What method should you use?


A. dt.ToString(new CultureInfo(“fr-FR”))

B. dt.ToString(“M”, new CultureInfo(“fr-FR”));

C. dt.ToString(“d”);

D. dt.ToString(“d”, new CultureInfo(“fr-FR”));


Correct Answer: D




You want your type to be able to be converted from string. Which interface should you implement?


A. IFormattable

B. IFormatProvider

C. IComparable

D. IConvertible


Correct Answer: A


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