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You are creating a new collection type and you want to make sure the elements in it can be easily accessed. What should you add to the type?


A. Constructor

B. Indexer property

C. Generic type parameter

D. Static property


Correct Answer: B




You are creating a generic class that should work only with reference types. Which type constraint should you add?


A. where T : class

B. where T : struct

C. where T : new()

D. where T : IDisposable


Correct Answer: A




You pass a struct variable into a method as an argument. The method changes the variable; however, when the method returns, the variable has not changed. What happened?


A. The variable was not initialized before it was passed in.

B. A value type cannot be changed inside a method.

C. Passing a value type makes a copy of the data. The original wasn’t changed.

D. The method didn’t return the changes.


Correct Answer: C




You are creating a custom Distance class. You want to ease the conversion from your Distance class to a double. What should you add?


A. Nothing; this is already possible.

B. An implicit cast operator.

C. An explicit cast operator.

D. A static Parse method.


Correct Answer: B




You want to determine whether the value of an object reference is derived from a particular type. Which C# language feature can you use? (Choose all that apply.)


A. An as operator

B. An implicit cast

C. An is operator

D. A dynamic keyword


Correct Answer: AC





What access modifier should you use to make sure that a method in a class can only be accessed inside the same assembly by derived types?


A. Make the class public and its members public.

B. Make the class public and its members protected.

C. Make the class internal and its members internal.

D. Make the class internal and its members protected.


Correct Answer: D




You need to expose some data from a class. The data can be read by other types but can be changed only by derived types. What should you use?


A. A protected field

B. A public property with a protected set modifier

C. A protected property

D. A protected property with a public get modifier


Correct Answer: B




You have a class that implements two interfaces that both have a method with the same name. Interface IA should be the default implementation. Interface IB should be used only in special situations. How do you implement those interfaces?


A. Implement IA implicitly and IB explicitly.

B. Implement both IA and IB explicitly.

C. Implement both IA and IB implicitly.

D. Implement IA explicitly and IB implicitly.


Correct Answer: A




You want to create a hierarchy of types because you have some implementation code you want to share between all types. You also have some method signatures you want to share. What should you use?


A. An interface

B. A class with virtual methods

C. An abstract class

D. A sealed class


Correct Answer: C


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