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You have a lot of items that need to be processed. For each item, you need to perform a complex calculation. Which technique should you use?


A. You create a Task for each item and then wait until all tasks are finished.

B. You use Parallel.For to process all items concurrently.

C. You use async/await to process all items concurrently.

D. You add all items to a BlockingCollection and process them on a thread created by the Thread class.


Correct Answer: B




You are creating a complex query that doesn’t require any particular order and you want to run it in parallel. Which method should you use?


A. AsParallel

B. AsSequential

C. AsOrdered

D. WithDegreeOfParallelism


Correct Answer: A




You are working on an ASP.NET application that retrieves some data from another web server and then writes the response to the database. Should you use async/await?


A. No, both operations depend on external factors. You need to wait before they are finished.

B. No, in a server application you don’t have to use async/await. It’s only for responsiveness on the client.

C. Yes, this will free your thread to serve other requests while waiting for the I/O to complete.

D. Yes, this put your thread to sleep while waiting for I/O so that it doesn’t use any CPU.


Correct Answer: C






You need to implement cancellation for a long running task. Which object do you pass to the task?


A. CancellationTokenSource

B. CancellationToken

C. Boolean isCancelled variable

D. Volatile


Correct Answer: B




You are implementing a state machine in a multithreaded class. You need to check what the current state is and change it to the new one on each step. Which method do you use?


A. Volatile.Write(ref currentState)

B. Interlocked.CompareExchange(ref currentState, ref newState, expectedState)

C. Interlocked.Exchange(ref currentState, newState)

D. Interlocked.Decrement(ref newState)


Correct Answer: B




You need to iterate over a collection in which you know the number of items. You need to remove certain items from the collection. Which statement do you use?


A. switch

B. foreach

C. for

D. goto


Correct Answer: C




You have a lot of checks in your application for null values. If a value is not null, you want to call a method on it. You want to simplify your code. Which technique do you use?


A. for

B. Conditional operator

C. Null-coalescing operator

D. The short-circuiting behavior of the and operator


Correct Answer: D




You are processing some data from over the network. You use a HasNext and Read method to retrieve the data. You need to run some code on each item. What do you use?


A. for

B. foraech

C. while

D. do-while


Correct Answer: C




You have a private method in your class and you want to make invocation of the method possible by certain callers. What do you do?


A. Make the method public.

B. Use an event so outside users can be notified when the method is executed.

C. Use a method that returns a delegate to authorized callers.

D. Declare the private method as a lambda.


Correct Answer: C


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