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151-You are troubleshooting an application. Users report that the UI is slow to respond.

You need to improve UI responsiveness by moving application tasks to web workers.

Which two tasks can you move to achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)


A. A function that loops through the Document Object Model to update the style of page elements

B. A long-running calculation that requires looping through an array

C. A function that performs graphic-intensive animation

D. A function that stores large amounts of data to local storage


Correct Answer: BC



152-You develop an interactive scalable vector graphic (SVG) application.

You write the following code (Line numbers are included for reference only.):


You need to increase the size of the circle by 50 percent. Which code segment should you insert at line 02?


A. clip_image004

B. clip_image006

C. clip_image008

D. clip_image010


Correct Answer: B



153-You develop an HTML5 webpage. You have the following HTML markup:


You need to change the background color for all of the elements whose name attribute ends with the word name. Which code segment should you add to the webpage?


A. $ (‘#name’).css ({ ‘background-color’ : ‘#E0ECF8’ });

B. $ (‘input [name |=”name”; ] ‘ ) .css (( ‘background-color’ : ‘#E0ECF8’});

C. $(‘input[name$=”name”]’). css{{‘background-color’ : ‘#E0ECF8’});

D. $ (‘*name’ ) .css ({ ‘background-color’ : ‘ #E0ECF8’}) ;


Correct Answer: C



154-You develop an HTML application that is located at

The application must load JSON data from

You need to choose an approach for loading the data. What should you do?


A. Design a REST URI scheme with multiple domains.

B. Configure Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) on the servers.

C. Load the data by using WebSockets.

D. Use the jQuery getJSON method.


Correct Answer: B



155-You are building a web page for a newspaper publisher. You have the following requirements:

l  The web page should split the content into columns that are at least 100 pixels wide.

l  The number of columns displayed must be set by the browser.

You need to implement the correct CSS properties.

Which line of code should you use?


A. <div id=”outer” style=”width: 100px; column-fill: balance;”>…</div>

B. <div id=”outer” style=”width: 100px; column-gap: 10px;”>…</div>

C. <div id=”outer” style=”column-width: 100px; “>. . .</div>

D. <div id=”outer” style=”width: 100px; columns: 100px 3″>…</div>


Correct Answer: C



156-You develop a webpage with a standard input control by using HTML5. The input control must display the text Enter your given name, as shown below:


When a user selects the input control, the text must disappear.

You need to create the input control.

Which input control should you use?


A. <input name=”GivenName” value=” Enter your given name” />

B. <input name =”GivenName” default=” Enter your given name” />

C. <input name=”GivenName” text=” Enter your given name” />

D. <input name=”GivenName” placeholder=” Enter your given name” />


Correct Answer: D



157-You develop an HTML5 webpage. You have the following HTML markup:


You need to add a background color to the first article in each section. Which code segment should you add to the webpage?


A. $ (“section article:first-child”).css(“background-color”, “#f2f2f2”);

B. $ (“section:first-child”).ess ( “background-color”, “#f2f2f2”);

C. $ (“article:first-of-type”) .css(“background-color”, “#f2f2f2”);

D. $ (“section:first-of-type”).css(“background-color”, “#f2f2f2”);


Correct Answer: C



158-You are creating a custom object as described by the following code.


You need to implement the calcArea method. Which code should you use?


A. clip_image020

B. clip_image022

C. clip_image024

D. clip_image026


Correct Answer: D



159-DRAG DROP You are developing a web page that includes the following HTML.

clip_image028You need to ensure that the email element is enabled only if the user selects the IT Support check box.

Which CSS selectors should you use? (To answer, drag the appropriate selector to the correct location.

Each selector may be used once, more than once, or not at all.

You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)

Select and Place:


Correct Answer:





160-You are developing an HTML5 web form to collect feedback information from site visitors. The web form must display an INPUT element that meets the following requirements:


l  Allow numeric values between 1 and 10.

l  Default to the value of 5.

l  Display as a slider control on the page.

You need to add the INPUT element to the form. Which HTML element should you add?


A. Rating (Between 1 and 10): <input type=”number” name=”rating” min =”1″ max-“10”>

B. Rating (Between 1 and 10): <input type=”number” name=”rating” min=”1″ max=”10″ defaulc=”5″>

C. Rating (Between 1 and 10): <input type=”range” name=”rating” min=”0″ max=”10″ default”=”5″>

D. Rating (Between 1 and 10): <input type=”range” name=”rating” min=”10″ max=”10″ value=”5″>


Correct Answer: D


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