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42-HOTSPOT You are developing an HTML5 application for a company. You apply the following style to a DIV element on a page.


Which illustration should you submit? (To answer, select the appropriate illustration in the answer area.)

Hot Area:


Correct Answer:





43-DRAG DROP You are developing a web page that will be accessed from various types of devices.

·         You have the following requirements:

·         The appropriate display resolution must be selected dynamically based on the device that is connecting to the page.

·         Mobile devices with a maximum width of 480 pixels must be able to use the page.

You need to ensure that the page displays correctly on any device.

How should you build the code? (To answer, drag the appropriate media statement to the correct location. Each

media statement may be used once, more than once, or not at all.

You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)

Select and Place:


Correct Answer:





44-DRAG DROP You are developing a web page by using HTML5 and CSS3.

Hyperlinks on the page must be rendered with a style that reflects the last user action performed.

You need to style the four anchor elements in the document. In what order should you specify the four anchor selectors?

(To answer, move the appropriate anchor selectors from the list of CSS codes to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.)

Select and Place:


Correct Answer:





45-You are developing a web page that will be divided into three vertical sections. The main content of the site will be placed in the center section.

The two outer sections will contain advertisements. You have the following requirements:

·         The main content section must be set to two times the width of the advertising sections.

·         The layout must be specified by using the CSS3 flexible box model.

You need to ensure that the visual layout of the page meets the requirements. Which CSS3 property should you use?


A. box-orient

B. box-flex-group

C. box-flex

D. box-direction


Correct Answer: C



46-You are developing an HTML5 page. The page includes the following code.


The inner paragraph must be exactly 15 pixels from the top left corner of the outer paragraph.

You set the left style for the inner paragraph to the appropriate value.

You need to set the position property of the inner paragraph. Which value should you use?


A. absolute

B. static

C. fixed

D. relative


Correct Answer: A




47-You are developing a customer web form that includes the following HTML input field. <input id=”txtValue”/>

If a customer enters a value in the input field, then it must be a numeric value.

You need to add validation to the input field.

Which HTML should you use?


A. <input id=”txtValue” type-“text” pattern=”/#” />

B. <input id=”txtValue” type=”number” />

C. <input id=”txtValue” type=”integer” />

D. <input id=”txtValue” type=”text” required=”required”/>


Correct Answer: B



48-You are developing a customer web form that includes the following HTML. <input id=”txtValue”/> You need to change the HTML markup so that customers can enter only a valid three-letter country code. Which HTML should you use?


A. <input id=”txtValue” type=”code” />

B. <input id=”txtValue” type=”text” pattern=” [A-Za-z] {3}” />

C. <input id=”txtValue” type=”text” required=”required”/>

D. <input id=”txtValue” type=”country” />


Correct Answer: B



49-You are developing a web form that includes the following HTML. <input id=”txtValue” type=”text” />

You need to ensure that a value is entered into txtValue before the form is submitted.

Which code segment should you use?


A. clip_image018

B. clip_image020

C. clip_image022

D. clip_image024


Correct Answer: A




You are developing a form that captures a user’s email address by using HTML5 and jQuery.

The form must capture the email address and return it as a query string parameter.

The query string parameter must display the @ symbol used in the email address.

You need to implement this functionality. How should you develop the form? (To answer, select the appropriate options from the drop-down lists in the answer area.)

Hot Area:


Correct Answer:





51-You are developing a web page that consumes a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service.

The page includes the following code segment. var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest() ;

The page uses the xhrHandler() method to listen for changes to the request status of the WCF service calls.

It uses the xmlToJavaScript() method to convert the response from the WCF service to a JavaScript object.

The xhrHandler() method must be called automatically each time the request status changes.

You need to add the event handler to the request object. Which line of code should you use?


A. xhr.onCallback = xhrHandler;

B. xhr.onreadystatechange = xhrHandler;

C. xhr.readyState = xhrHandler;

D. xhr.status = xhrHandler;


Correct Answer: B


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