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32-You are creating a web form that users will use to enter their personal information. The form includes the following HTML.


You have the following requirements:

·         When a user enters an input box, the cell on the right must turn green.

·         When a user leaves an input box, the cell on the right must turn white.

You need to create the web form to meet these requirements.

Which code segment should you use?


A. clip_image004

B. clip_image006

C. clip_image008

D. clip_image010


Correct Answer: A



33-You are developing a web page. You create a grid layout by using the following CSS segment.


You have the following requirements:

·         You must place content in the first column of the second row.

·         The content must span two columns.

You need to ensure that the style of the grid meets the requirements. Which CSS segment should you use?


A. clip_image014

B. clip_image016

C. clip_image018

D. clip_image020


Correct Answer: A




34-DRAG DROP You are creating an application by using HTML5 and CSS3. The styles for the pages are derived from five style sheets.

The styles are not being applied correctly to the pages in the application.

You need to apply the styles from highest priority to lowest priority.

In which order should you use the five style sheets?

(To answer, move the style sheet types from the list of style sheet types to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.)

Select and Place:


Correct Answer:





35-You are developing a web page by using HTML5. You have the following requirements:

·         An H1 element must be placed at the top left corner of the page.

·         The size and location of the H1 element must not change if additional elements are added to the page.

You need to position the H1 element on the page.

Which CS53 style should you use?


A. clip_image026

B. clip_image028

C. clip_image030

D. clip_image032


Correct Answer: A




36-You are styling a box object on a page by using CSS3.

You need to set the transparency of the object to 50%.

Which two C5S3 styles will achieve the goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)


A. clip_image034

B. clip_image036

C. clip_image038

D. clip_image040


Correct Answer: BC




37-HOTSPOT You are developing a web page that will be accessed from various types of devices. You have the following requirements:

·         The appropriate display resolution must be selected dynamically based on the device connecting to the page.

·         Mobile devices with a maximum width of 480 pixels must be able to use the page.

You need to ensure that the page displays correctly on any device.

How should you build the code? (To answer, select the appropriate options from the drop-down lists in the answer area.)


Hot Area:


Correct Answer:





38-You are developing an HTML5 web application and are styling text.

You need to use the text-transform CSS property.

Which values are valid for the text-transform property?


A. hidden

B. blink

C. capitalize

D. line-through


Correct Answer: C



39-DRAG DROP You are developing a website that has many web pages with hyperlinks to other sites.

You need to ensure that if a hyperlink contains an image, the linked web page opens in a new window.

Which jQuery code segment or segments should you use? (To answer, drag the appropriate line of code to the correct location.

Each line of code may be used once, more than once, or not at all.

You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)

Select and Place:



Correct Answer:






40-You are developing a page that includes text and an illustration.

The web page resembles the following image.


·         You have the following requirements:

·         The illustration must be in the center of the page.

·         The text must flow around the left, right, top, and bottom of the illustration.

You need to ensure that the layout of the web page meets the requirements. Which line of code should you use?


A. -ms-wrap-side: both;

B. -ms-wrap-side: clear;

C. -ms-wrap-side: maximum;

D. -ms-wrap-side: auto;


Correct Answer: A



41-You are developing a web page that has a group of HI and H2 elements.

The page also includes a CSS class named underlineMe.

You have the following requirements:

·         The font color of all H1 and H2 elements must be changed to red.

·         The CSS class underlineMe must be applied to all H1 and H2 elements.

You need to update the web page to meet the requirements.

Which code segment should you use?


A. clip_image058

B. clip_image060

C. clip_image062

D. clip_image064


Correct Answer: D


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