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IBM Endpoint Manager V9.0 Fundamentals

Question No: 11

What are two required attributes to create a named analysis?

  1. Property Size

  2. Property Definition

  3. Number of Results

  4. Reporting Frequency

  5. Computer IDs of Targeted Clients

Answer: D,E

Question No: 12

A new analysis has just been activated. None of the endpoints have returned a result yet. What will the property report as a value before an endpoint returns its result?

  1. lt;errorgt;

  2. lt;not relevantgt;

  3. lt;not reportedgt;

  4. lt;singular expression refers to nonexistent objectgt;

Answer: C

Question No: 13

After taking action on a Fixlet to a target group of servers that all report to the same relay, an operator notices that one of the servers is grayed out in the IBM Endpoint Manager console and has not reported in over eight hours. After receiving a ping response from that server, what should be verified next?

  1. The FillDB service is running on the endpoint.

  2. The BES client service is running on the endpoint.

  3. The BES gather service on the endpoint is running.

  4. The client heartbeat setting has been disabled on the endpoint.

Answer: B

Question No: 14

Which option in the Tools menu creates a computer group with dynamic membership?

  1. Create New Static Computer Group

  2. Create New Manual Computer Group

  3. Create New Dynamic Computer Group

  4. Create New Automatic Computer Group

Answer: C

Reference: http://www.scom2k7.com/dynamic-computer-groups-that-send-heartbeat-alerts/

Question No: 15

The Audit group has requested a summary report of all critical patches for the environment. Which feature is available in the IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) console to provide this information?

  1. Patch Overview Dashboard in the Patch Management domain

  2. List OS Patches Dashboard in the Patch Compliance domain

  3. List Critical Patches Dashboard in the Patch Management domain

  4. Critical Vulnerabilities Dashboard in the Patch Compliance domain

Answer: A

Question No: 16

A computer has not reported in for over an hour and is grayed out in the IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) console. Which option in the IEM console forces the client to report back in assuming the operator has no remote access to the endpoint?

  1. Send Refresh

  2. Send Client Reset

  3. Clear Console Cache

  4. Restart the Client Service

Answer: B

Question No: 17

A non-master operator has rights to create custom content. His manager wants him to create a baseline to deploy updates to Adobe Reader and Oracle Java. How can this be done?

  1. Baselines may not be used for application updates.

  2. Right-click on the required update and select Add to New Baseline.

  3. Use the Software Deployment wizard to specify the baseline and select the updates.

  4. Use the Fixlet Debugger to compute the shal and size value. Manually create a baseline action script with these values.

Answer: C

Question No: 18

There is an existing computer group which contains all computers with an IP address that starts with 10.160.22. This computer group must be updated so that it will automatically include computers whose IP addresses start with 10.160.23. Which method should be used?

  1. Edit the name of the computer group.

  2. Edit the relevance of the existing computer group.

  3. Manually edit the membership of the existing computer group.

  4. Run the Computer Group Membership wizard and add the new subnet.

Answer: A

Question No: 19

Which option is best suited for applying an operating system patch with the IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) console?

  1. Run a wizard

  2. Take action on a task

  3. Take action on a Fixlet

  4. Run the IEM Configuration dashboard

Answer: C

Question No: 20

A user has recently deployed an action to a group of endpoints that she currently manages. Several of these machines are reporting Postponed in their Last Reported Status of the

action. What does this mean?

  1. The endpoint was restarted during action execution.

  2. The action was sent while the client was gathering content.

  3. The action was deferred by the end user of the target machine.

  4. The clients received a command with higher priority which delayed the user#39;s action.

Answer: C

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