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IBM Security Identity Manager V6.0 Implementation

Question No: 31

Which two properties files would be considered for changing the order of sections displayed on the Self Service User Interface and text of the actions within the sections displayed? (Choose two)

  1. SelfServiceScreenText.properties

  2. SelfServiceHomePage.properties

  3. SelfServiceLabels.properties

  4. CustomLabels.properties

  5. SelfServiceUI.properties

Answer: A,E

Question No: 32

When using wsadmin to setup common reporting in ISIM 6, what is the command to save the current Configuration?

  1. wsadmingt;AdminConfig.savecurrent()

  2. wsadmingt;AdminConfig.save()

  3. wsadmingt;Config.save()

  4. wsadmingt; save

Answer: B

Explanation: Before you begin

Save the configuration by typing the following command: wsadmingt; AdminConfig.save()

The IBM庐 Tivoli庐 Common Reporting server is configured to connect to your IBM Security Identity Manager database.

Question No: 33

When performing a partial export from the test IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM) environment which of the follow statements is valid?

  1. The partial export process will export all dependencies for the object that is being exported from the test environment.

  2. The partial export process will export the dependencies necessary to create the export object in the target system.

  3. The partial export process does not support exporting multiple objects.

  4. The partial export process does not check dependencies.

Answer: C

Question No: 34

A service is created in IBM Security Systems Identity Manager (ISIM) for IBM Directory Integrator (IDI) data feed.

Which field in the ISIM service form is used to match the IDI data feed?

  1. A unique identifier of the service

  2. Name attribute in the service

  3. The name of the service

  4. The naming context

Answer: D

Question No: 35

Your customer has requested identity management on a system where no local adapter is available. Developing a new adapter is not feasible, since the system does not document a programmatic means for provisioning.

What customization can be used to handle this requirement?

  1. Define a manual service to handle the provisioning in a custom work flow with instructions, notification, and confirmation.

  2. Use a custom life cycle rule to generate tickets into an external service management application.

  3. Define a manual provisioning policy with entitlements that may be invoked on this service.

  4. It is not possible to define a service when you cannot build the adapter.

Answer: C



Question No: 36

Given an IBM Security Identity Manager test environment which is a valid option for testing thousands of TDI/RMI adapters?

  1. Point IBM Security Identity Manager test environment services to production environment end points to be managed

  2. Use the threaded_damlserver.pl script from the IBM Security Identity Manager tuning guide

  3. Install thousands of separate TDI dispatchers

  4. Use the virtual service adapter setup

Answer: C

Question No: 37

What is the main purpose of the IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM) recycle bin?

  1. To provide a quick failover mechanism if IBM Security Identity Manager LDAP fails

  2. To provide a ready-recoverability of inadvertently deleted objects

  3. To preserve a history of user IDs that have been used

  4. To enhance LDAP performance

Answer: C

Question No: 38

Where is output from Enrole.logError() written?

  1. access.log

  2. trace.log

  3. msg.log

  4. ffdc.Iog

Answer: B

Question No: 39

Which TWO items explain the erPersonItemobjectclass?

  1. An auxiliary objectclass that contains attributes that used to map custom attributes to reserved ISIM attributes like mail and supervisory data.

  2. An auxiliary objectclass that is only on person objects that are in Inactive state, and it allows an attribute to contain the inactivation date.

  3. An auxiliary objectclass that is on all person objects belonging to the base Person entity and any custom person entity.

  4. A derived objectclass from the base iNetOrgPersonobjectclass that is on all person objects in ISIM.

  5. An auxiliary objectclass that is only on person objects belonging to the base Person entity.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 40

Which of the following Operating Systems supports TDI Configuration Editor?

  1. Solaris Opteron

  2. Solaris SPARC

  3. HP-UX Integrity

  4. Linux 390

Answer: C

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