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Question No: 181

Flavio needs a total of 48 ounces of beans to make chili for a party. He can buy 12-ounce cans for $1.29 each or 16-ounce cans for $1.49 each. How much would he SAVE by buying the 16-ounce cans?

A. $0.20 B. $0.69 C. $4.47 D. $5.16 E. $9.63

Answer: B

Question No: 182

If a skydiver with mass m, in kilograms, jumps from a plane, the maximum speed she will attain in free-fall (v), in meters per second, is given by the formula

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Approximately what is the maximum speed, in meters per second, of a skydiver weighing 60 kilograms?









E. 2352.0

Answer: D

Question No: 183

Ben has a net (after-tax) monthly income of $1200. He has budgeted part of that money for the expenses listed in the table below.

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Approximately what percent of Ben’s net monthly income has he budgeted for expenses related to his car?

  1. 4%

  2. 7% C. 11% D. 14% E. 15%

Answer: C

Question No: 184

A team set a goal of winning 70 percent of the 40 games it would play. Of the first 10 games the team played, it won only 4.

How many of the REMAINING games must the team win to reach its original goal?

  1. 19

  2. 23

  3. 24

  4. 28

  5. 32

Answer: C

Question No: 185

Santos runs a restaurant in his neighborhood. Of his employees,4/5are willing to work nights. Of those willing to work nights,้™†are willing to work on weekends.

If Santos has 40 employees, how many are willing to work on weekend nights?

  1. 5

  2. 16

  3. 20

  4. 24

  5. 32

Answer: B

Question No: 186

A new store offered its first 80 customers a chance to win a prize by selecting a ball from a container. Of the 80 balls in the container, 45% contained a number that would win the customer a prize.

How many of the first 80 customers won prizes?

  1. 45

  2. 36

  3. 35

  4. 24

  5. 20

Answer: B

Question No: 187

A storage room is 8 meters long, 4 meters wide, and 2 meters high. What is the volume of the storage room in cubic meters?

  1. 64

  2. 34

  3. 32

  4. 16

  5. 14

Answer: A

Question No: 188

Dana works four 10-hour days during the week and is off every Friday. If the first Friday of the month falls on the 3rd, which of the following dates during that month will also be a Friday?

  1. 13th

  2. 16th

  3. 18th

  4. 20th

  5. 24th

    Answer: E

    Question No: 189

    A real estate agent has an appointment to show a house to a couple who lives out of town. It will take the couple 2้™† hours to drive to the house, but the real estate agent can get there in 45 minutes.

    If the couple left at 15 P.M., at what time should the real estate agent leave to arrive at the house at the same time?

    1. 00 P.M.

    2. 00 P.M.

    3. 35 P.M.

    4. 10 P.M.

    5. 30 P.M.

Answer: B

Question No: 190

A construction firm hired 8 carpenters at a rate of $18 per hour and 4 helpers at a rate of $9 per hour. What is the weekly cost for the construction firm to pay these workers for working a 40-hour week?

A. $12,960

B. $


C. $


D. $


E. $


Answer: B

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