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ITIL Foundation (syllabus 2011)

Question No: 391 – (Topic 7)

Which core publication will you find detailed descriptions of service catalog management, information security and support management?

  1. Service strategy

  2. Service design

  3. Service transition

  4. Service operation

Answer: B Reference:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_Technology_Infrastructure_Library#Serv ice_Design

Question No: 392 – (Topic 7)

Which process or function is responsible for the Definitive MediaLibrary and Definitive Spares?

  1. Facilities Management

  2. Access Management

  3. Request Fulfilment

  4. Service Asset and Configuration Management

Answer: D

Question No: 393 – (Topic 7)

Which of the following activities is be performed by access management?

  1. Providing physical security for staff data centers and other buildings

  2. Managing access to computer rooms and other secure locations

  3. Managing access to the service desk

  4. Managing the rights to use a service or group of services

Answer: D

Question No: 394 – (Topic 7)

What is IT Governance concerned with?

  1. Measuring and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of IT processes

  2. Ensuring that ITprocesses support the organization#39;s strategies and objectives

  3. Reducing the total cost of providing services to the business

  4. Ensuring that targets documented in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met

Answer: B

Question No: 395 – (Topic 7)

Effective Service Transitioncan significantly improve a service provider#39;s ability to handle high volumes of what?

  1. Service level requests

  2. Changes and Releases

  3. Password resets

  4. Incidents and Problems

    Answer: B

    Question No: 396 – (Topic 7)

    Which of the following might be used to manage an Incident?

    1. Incident Model

    2. Known Error Record

      1. 1 only

      2. 2 only

      3. Both of the above

      4. Neither of the above

Answer: C

Question No: 397 – (Topic 7)

Which of the following statements about processes is INCORRECT?

  1. They are units of organizations designed to perform certain types of work

  2. We must be able to measure them in a relevant manner

  3. They deliver specific results

  4. They respond to specific events

Answer: A

Question No: 398 – (Topic 7)

What are theprocesses within Service Operation?

  1. Event Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Request Fulfillment and Access Management

  2. Event Management, Incident Management. Change Management and Access Management

  3. Incident Management, ProblemManagement, Service Desk, Request Fulfillment and Management

  4. Incident Management, Service Desk, Request Fulfillment, Access Management and Event Management

Answer: A

Question No: 399 – (Topic 7)

Which model delivers a view of the services, assets and infrastructure?

  1. Incident Model

  2. Problem Model

  3. Configuration Model

  4. Change Model

Answer: C

Question No: 400 – (Topic 7)

Gathering data, monitoring performance and assessing metrics in order to facilitate service improvements are all activities associated with which part of the service lifecycle?

  1. Service Operation

  2. Capacity Management

  3. Service Design

  4. Availability Management

Answer: A

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