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ITIL Foundation (syllabus 2011)

Question No: 241 – (Topic 5)

The BEST description of the guidance provided by Service Design is?

  1. The designand development of new services

  2. The design and development of service improvements

  3. The design and development of services and service management processes

  4. The day-to-day operation and support of services

Answer: C

Question No: 242 – (Topic 5)

Within the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) 7 step improvement process, data needs to be gathered and analyzed from whichother area of the lifecycle in order to answer the question quot;Did we get there?quot;

  1. Service Strategy

  2. Service Design

  3. Service Operation

  4. Service Transition

Answer: C

Question No: 243 – (Topic 5)

One of the five major aspects of Service Design is the design of the service solutions. It includes?

  1. Requirements, resources and capabilities needed and agreed

  2. Only requirements needed and agreed

  3. Only capabilities needed and agreed

  4. Only resources and capabilities needed

Answer: A

Question No: 244 – (Topic 5)

Whichof the following statements is INCORRECT?

  1. The Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS) includes Configuration Management Databases (CMDB)

  2. The SKMS is part of the Configuration Management System (CMS)

  3. The SKMS can include data on the performanceof the organization

  4. The SKMS can include user skill levels

Answer: B

Question No: 245 – (Topic 5)

A Service Level Agreement is?

  1. The part of a contract that specifies responsibilities of each party

  2. An agreement between the Service Provider and their customer

  3. An agreement between a Service Provider andan external supplier

  4. An agreement between the Service Provider and an internal organization

Answer: B

Question No: 246 – (Topic 5)

Which is the first step in the 7 Step Improvement Process?

  1. Prepare for action

  2. Define what you should measure

  3. Identify gaps in Service Level Agreement (SLA) achievement

  4. Where are we now?

Answer: B

Question No: 247 – (Topic 5)

What is the definition of an Alert?

  1. An error message to the user of an application

  2. A warning that a threshold has been reached or that something has changed

  3. A typeof Incident

  4. An audit report that indicates areas where IT is not performing according to agreed procedures

Answer: B

Question No: 248 – (Topic 5)

Which of the following is the BEST definition of an Incident?

  1. A warning that a threshold has been reached, something has changed, or a failure has occurred

  2. An unplanned interruption to an IT service or reduction in the quality of an IT service

  3. A change of state which has significance for the management of a Configuration Item or IT Service

  4. Loss of ability to operate to specification, or to deliver the required output

Answer: B

Question No: 249 – (Topic 5)

Which of the following statements about processes is INCORRECT?

  1. The output from a process has to conform to operational norms derived from business objectives

  2. The definition of Process Control is quot;The activity of planning and regulating a process, with the objective of achieving Best Practicequot;

  3. The objective of any IT process should be expressed in terms of business benefits and goals

  4. A process may define policies, standards andguidelines

    Answer: B

    Question No: 250 – (Topic 5)

    Which of the following statements is CORRECT?

    1. The only phaseof the Service Management Lifecycle where value can be measured is Service


    2. All of the phases of the lifecycle are concerned with the value of IT services

      1. Both of the above

      2. Neither of the above

      3. 2 only

      4. 1 only

Answer: C Explanation:


Which of the following is NOT an aim of the Change Management process?

  1. Overall business risk is optimized

  2. Standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all Changes

  3. All budgets and expenditures areaccounted for

  4. All changes to Service Assets and Configuration Items (CIs) are recorded in the Configuration Management system

Answer: C

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