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Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures V8

Question No: 531 – (Topic 6)

What type of port scan is shown below?

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. Idle Scan

  2. Windows Scan

  3. XMAS Scan

  4. SYN Stealth Scan

Answer: C

Explanation: An Xmas port scan is variant of TCP port scan. This type of scan tries to obtain information about the state of a target port by sending a packet which has multiple TCP flags set to 1 – quot;lit as an Xmas treequot;. The flags set for Xmas scan are FIN, URG and PSH. The purpose is to confuse and bypass simple firewalls. Some stateless firewalls only check against security policy those packets which have the SYN flag set (that is, packets that initiate connection according to the standards). Since Xmas scan packets are different, they can pass through these simple systems and reach the target host.

Question No: 532 – (Topic 6)

You receive an email with the following message: Hello Steve,

We are having technical difficulty in restoring user database record after the recent blackout. Your account data is corrupted. Please logon to the SuperEmailServices.com and change your password.


If you do not reset your password within 7 days, your account will be permanently disabled locking you out from our e-mail services.

Sincerely, Technical Support


From this e-mail you suspect that this message was sent by some hacker since you have been using their e-mail services for the last 2 years and they have never sent out an e-mail such as this. You also observe the URL in the message and confirm your suspicion about 0xde.0xad.0xbde.0xef which looks like hexadecimal numbers. You immediately enter the following at Windows 2000 command prompt:

Ping 0xde.0xad.0xbe.0xef

You get a response with a valid IP address.

What is the obstructed IP address in the e-mail URL?





Answer: A

Explanation: 0x stands for hexadecimal and DE=222, AD=173, BE=190 and EF=239

Question No: 533 – (Topic 6)

Snort has been used to capture packets on the network. On studying the packets, the penetration tester finds it to be abnormal. If you were the penetration tester, why would you find this abnormal?

What is odd about this attack? (Choose the most appropriate statement)

  1. This is not a spoofed packet as the IP stack has increasing numbers for the three flags.

  2. This is back orifice activity as the scan comes from port 31337.

  3. The attacker wants to avoid creating a sub-carrier connection that is not normally valid.

  4. There packets were created by a tool; they were not created by a standard IP stack.

Answer: B

Explanation: Port 31337 is normally used by Back Orifice. Note that 31337 is hackers spelling of ‘elite’, meaning ‘elite hackers’.

Question No: 534 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following tools can be used to perform a zone transfer?

  1. NSLookup

  2. Finger

  3. Dig

  4. Sam Spade

  5. Host

  6. Netcat

  7. Neotrace

Answer: A,C,D,E

Explanation: There are a number of tools that can be used to perform a zone transfer. Some of these include: NSLookup, Host, Dig, and Sam Spade.

Question No: 535 – (Topic 6)

While footprinting a network, what port/service should you look for to attempt a zone transfer?

  1. 53 UDP

  2. 53 TCP

  3. 25 UDP

  4. 25 TCP

  5. 161 UDP

  6. 22 TCP

  7. 60 TCP

Answer: B Explanation:

IF TCP port 53 is detected, the opportunity to attempt a zone transfer is there.

Question No: 536 – (Topic 6)

A distributed port scan operates by:

  1. Blocking access to the scanning clients by the targeted host

  2. Using denial-of-service software against a range of TCP ports

  3. Blocking access to the targeted host by each of the distributed scanning clients

  4. Having multiple computers each scan a small number of ports, then correlating the results

Answer: D

Explanation: Think of dDoS (distributed Denial of Service) where you use a large number of computers to create simultaneous traffic against a victim in order to shut them down.

Question No: 537 – (Topic 6)

Name two software tools used for OS guessing? (Choose two.

  1. Nmap

  2. Snadboy

  3. Queso

  4. UserInfo

  5. NetBus

Answer: A,C Explanation:

Nmap and Queso are the two best-known OS guessing programs. OS guessing software has the ability to look at peculiarities in the way that each vendor implements the RFC#39;s.

These differences are compared with its database of known OS fingerprints. Then a best guess of the OS is provided to the user.

Question No: 538 – (Topic 6)

What is the following command used for? net use \targetipc$ quot;quot; /u:quot;quot;

  1. Grabbing the etc/passwd file

  2. Grabbing the SAM

  3. Connecting to a Linux computer through Samba.

  4. This command is used to connect as a null session

  5. Enumeration of Cisco routers

Answer: D

Explanation: The null session is one of the most debilitating vulnerabilities faced by Windows. Null sessions can be established through port 135, 139, and 445.

Question No: 539 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following would be the best reason for sending a single SMTP message to an address that does not exist within the target company?

  1. To create a denial of service attack.

  2. To verify information about the mail administrator and his address.

  3. To gather information about internal hosts used in email treatment.

  4. To gather information about procedures that are in place to deal with such messages.

Answer: C

Explanation: The replay from the email server that states that there is no such recipient will also give you some information about the name of the email server, versions used and so on.

Question No: 540 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following is considered an acceptable option when managing a risk?

  1. Reject the risk.

  2. Deny the risk.

  3. Mitigate the risk.

  4. Initiate the risk.

Answer: C

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