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Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures V8

Question No: 51 – (Topic 1)

What is a sniffing performed on a switched network called?

  1. Spoofed sniffing

  2. Passive sniffing

  3. Direct sniffing

  4. Active sniffing

Answer: D

Question No: 52 – (Topic 1)

Bret is a web application administrator and has just read that there are a number of surprisingly common web application vulnerabilities that can be exploited by unsophisticated attackers with easily available tools on the Internet. He has also read that when an organization deploys a web application, they invite the world to send HTTP requests. Attacks buried in these requests sail past firewalls, filters, platform hardening, SSL, and IDS without notice because they are inside legal HTTP requests. Bret is determined to weed out vulnerabilities.

What are some of the common vulnerabilities in web applications that he should be concerned about?

  1. Non-validated parameters, broken access control, broken account and session management, cross-site scripting and buffer overflows are just a few common vulnerabilities

  2. Visible clear text passwords, anonymous user account set as default, missing latest security patch, no firewall filters set and no SSL configured are just a few common vulnerabilities

  3. No SSL configured, anonymous user account set as default, missing latest security patch, no firewall filters set and an inattentive system administrator are just a few common


  4. No IDS configured, anonymous user account set as default, missing latest security patch, no firewall filters set and visible clear text passwords are just a few common vulnerabilities

Answer: A

Question No: 53 – (Topic 1)

You want to hide a secret.txt document inside c:\windows\system32\tcpip.dll kernel library using ADS streams. How will you accomplish this?

  1. copy secret.txt c:\windows\system32\tcpip.dll kernelgt;secret.txt

  2. copy secret.txt c:\windows\system32\tcpip.dll:secret.txt

  3. copy secret.txt c:\windows\system32\tcpip.dll |secret.txt

  4. copy secret.txt gt;lt; c:\windows\system32\tcpip.dll kernel secret.txt

Answer: B

Question No: 54 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following type of scanning utilizes automated process of proactively identifying vulnerabilities of the computing systems present on a network?

  1. Port Scanning

  2. Single Scanning

  3. External Scanning

  4. Vulnerability Scanning

Answer: D

Question No: 55 – (Topic 1)

What is the correct command to run Netcat on a server using port 56 that spawns command shell when connected?

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. nc -port 56 -s cmd.exe

  2. nc -p 56 -p -e shell.exe

  3. nc -r 56 -c cmd.exe

  4. nc -L 56 -t -e cmd.exe

Answer: D

Question No: 56 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following countermeasure can specifically protect against both the MAC Flood and MAC Spoofing attacks?

  1. Configure Port Security on the switch

  2. Configure Port Recon on the switch

  3. Configure Switch Mapping

  4. Configure Multiple Recognition on the switch

    Answer: A

    Question No: 57 – (Topic 1)

    Most cases of insider abuse can be traced to individuals who are introverted, incapable of dealing with stress or conflict, and frustrated with their job, office politics, and lack of respect or promotion. Disgruntled employees may pass company secrets and intellectual property to competitors for monitory benefits.

    Here are some of the symptoms of a disgruntled employee:

    1. Frequently leaves work early, arrive late or call in sick

    2. Spends time surfing the Internet or on the phone

    3. Responds in a confrontational, angry, or overly aggressive way to simple requests or comments

    4. Always negative; finds fault with everything

      These disgruntled employees are the biggest threat to enterprise security. How do you deal with these threats? (Select 2 answers)

      1. Limit access to the applications they can run on their desktop computers and enforce strict work hour rules

      2. By implementing Virtualization technology from the desktop to the data centre, organizations can isolate different environments with varying levels of access and security to various employees

      3. Organizations must ensure that their corporate data is centrally managed and delivered to users just and when needed

      4. Limit Internet access, e-mail communications, access to social networking sites and job hunting portals

Answer: B,C

Question No: 58 – (Topic 1)

A common technique for luring e-mail users into opening virus-launching attachments is to send messages that would appear to be relevant or important to many of their potential recipients. One way of accomplishing this feat is to make the virus-carrying messages appear to come from some type of business entity retailing sites, UPS, FEDEX, CITIBANK or a major provider of a common service.

Here is a fraudulent e-mail claiming to be from FedEx regarding a package that could not be delivered. This mail asks the receiver to open an attachment in order to obtain the FEDEX tracking number for picking up the package. The attachment contained in this type of e-mail activates a virus.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Vendors send e-mails like this to their customers advising them not to open any files attached with the mail, as they do not include attachments.

Fraudulent e-mail and legit e-mail that arrives in your inbox contain the fedex.com as the sender of the mail.

How do you ensure if the e-mail is authentic and sent from fedex.com?

  1. Verify the digital signature attached with the mail, the fake mail will not have Digital ID at all

  2. Check the Sender ID against the National Spam Database (NSD)

  3. Fake mail will have spelling/grammatical errors

  4. Fake mail uses extensive images, animation and flash content

Answer: A

Question No: 59 – (Topic 1)

Attackers target HINFO record types stored on a DNS server to enumerate information. These are information records and potential source for reconnaissance. A network administrator has the option of entering host information specifically the CPU type and operating system when creating a new DNS record. An attacker can extract this type of information easily from a DNS server.

Which of the following commands extracts the HINFO record?

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. Option A

  2. Option B

  3. Option C

  4. Option D

Answer: A

Question No: 60 – (Topic 1)

This IDS defeating technique works by splitting a datagram (or packet) into multiple fragments and the IDS will not spot the true nature of the fully assembled datagram. The datagram is not reassembled until it reaches its final destination. It would be a processor- intensive task for IDS to reassemble all fragments itself, and on a busy system the packet will slip through the IDS onto the network. What is this technique called?

  1. IP Routing or Packet Dropping

  2. IDS Spoofing or Session Assembly

  3. IP Fragmentation or Session Splicing

  4. IP Splicing or Packet Reassembly

Answer: C

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