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Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures V8

Question No: 341 – (Topic 4)

Which command line switch would be used in NMAP to perform operating system detection?

  1. -OS

  2. -sO

  3. -sP

  4. -O

Answer: D

Question No: 342 – (Topic 4)

A penetration tester is attempting to scan an internal corporate network from the internet without alerting the border sensor. Which is the most efficient technique should the tester

consider using?

  1. Spoofing an IP address

  2. Tunneling scan over SSH

  3. Tunneling over high port numbers

  4. Scanning using fragmented IP packets

Answer: B

Question No: 343 – (Topic 4)

After gaining access to the password hashes used to protect access to a web based application, knowledge of which cryptographic algorithms would be useful to gain access to the application?

  1. SHA1

  2. Diffie-Helman

  3. RSA

  4. AES

Answer: A

Question No: 344 – (Topic 4)

A company firewall engineer has configured a new DMZ to allow public systems to be located away from the internal network. The engineer has three security zones set:

Untrust (Internet) – (Remote network = DMZ (DMZ) – (

Trust (Intranet) – (

The engineer wants to configure remote desktop access from a fixed IP on the remote network to a remote desktop server in the DMZ. Which rule would best fit this requirement?

A. Permit RDP 3389

B. Permit RDP 3389

C. Permit RDP 3389

D. Permit RDP 3389

Answer: B

Question No: 345 – (Topic 4)

Which of the following tools will scan a network to perform vulnerability checks and compliance auditing?

  1. NMAP

  2. Metasploit

  3. Nessus

  4. BeEF

Answer: C

Question No: 346 – (Topic 4)

When using Wireshark to acquire packet capture on a network, which device would enable the capture of all traffic on the wire?

  1. Network tap

  2. Layer 3 switch

  3. Network bridge

  4. Application firewall

Answer: A

Question No: 347 – (Topic 4)

A security consultant is trying to bid on a large contract that involves penetration testing and reporting. The company accepting bids wants proof of work so the consultant prints out several audits that have been performed. Which of the following is likely to occur as a result?

  1. The consultant will ask for money on the bid because of great work.

  2. The consultant may expose vulnerabilities of other companies.

  3. The company accepting bids will want the same type of format of testing.

  4. The company accepting bids will hire the consultant because of the great work performed.

Answer: B

Question No: 348 – (Topic 4)

There is a WEP encrypted wireless access point (AP) with no clients connected. In order to crack the WEP key, a fake authentication needs to be performed. What information is needed when performing fake authentication to an AP? (Choose two.)

  1. The IP address of the AP

  2. The MAC address of the AP

  3. The SSID of the wireless network

  4. A failed authentication packet

Answer: B,C

Question No: 349 – (Topic 4)

To reduce the attack surface of a system, administrators should perform which of the following processes to remove unnecessary software, services, and insecure configuration settings?

  1. Harvesting

  2. Windowing

  3. Hardening

  4. Stealthing

Answer: C

Question No: 350 – (Topic 4)

A network administrator received an administrative alert at 3:00 a.m. from the intrusion detection system. The alert was generated because a large number of packets were coming into the network over ports 20 and 21. During analysis, there were no signs of attack on the FTP servers. How should the administrator classify this situation?

  1. True negatives

  2. False negatives

  3. True positives

  4. False positives

Answer: D

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