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Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures V8

Question No: 311 – (Topic 4)

How can rainbow tables be defeated?

  1. Password salting

  2. Use of non-dictionary words

  3. All uppercase character passwords

  4. Lockout accounts under brute force password cracking attempts

Answer: A

Question No: 312 – (Topic 4)

The use of technologies like IPSec can help guarantee the followinG. authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and

  1. non-repudiation.

  2. operability.

  3. security.

  4. usability.

Answer: A

Question No: 313 – (Topic 4)

The intrusion detection system at a software development company suddenly generates multiple alerts regarding attacks against the company#39;s external webserver, VPN concentrator, and DNS servers. What should the security team do to determine which alerts to check first?

  1. Investigate based on the maintenance schedule of the affected systems.

  2. Investigate based on the service level agreements of the systems.

  3. Investigate based on the potential effect of the incident.

  4. Investigate based on the order that the alerts arrived in.

Answer: C

Question No: 314 – (Topic 4)

Smart cards use which protocol to transfer the certificate in a secure manner?

  1. Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)

  2. Point to Point Protocol (PPP)

  3. Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)

  4. Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)

Answer: A

Question No: 315 – (Topic 4)

To send a PGP encrypted message, which piece of information from the recipient must the sender have before encrypting the message?

  1. Recipient#39;s private key

  2. Recipient#39;s public key

  3. Master encryption key

  4. Sender#39;s public key

Answer: B

Question No: 316 – (Topic 4)

A certified ethical hacker (CEH) completed a penetration test of the main headquarters of a company almost two months ago, but has yet to get paid. The customer is suffering from financial problems, and the CEH is worried that the company will go out of business and end up not paying. What actions should the CEH take?

  1. Threaten to publish the penetration test results if not paid.

  2. Follow proper legal procedures against the company to request payment.

  3. Tell other customers of the financial problems with payments from this company.

  4. Exploit some of the vulnerabilities found on the company webserver to deface it.

Answer: B

Question No: 317 – (Topic 4)

The following is part of a log file taken from the machine on the network with the IP address of

Time:Mar 13 17:30:15 Port:20 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP

Time:Mar 13 17:30:17 Port:21 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP

Time:Mar 13 17:30:19 Port:22 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP

Time:Mar 13 17:30:21 Port:23 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP

Time:Mar 13 17:30:22 Port:25 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP

Time:Mar 13 17:30:23 Port:80 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP

Time:Mar 13 17:30:30 Port:443 Source: Destination: Protocol:TCP

What type of activity has been logged?

  1. Port scan targeting

  2. Teardrop attack targeting

  3. Denial of service attack targeting

  4. Port scan targeting

Answer: D

Question No: 318 – (Topic 4)

When analyzing the IDS logs, the system administrator noticed an alert was logged when the external router was accessed from the administrator#39;s computer to update the router configuration. What type of an alert is this?

  1. False positive

  2. False negative

  3. True positve

  4. True negative

Answer: A

Question No: 319 – (Topic 4)

What type of OS fingerprinting technique sends specially crafted packets to the remote OS and analyzes the received response?

  1. Passive

  2. Reflective

  3. Active

  4. Distributive

Answer: C

Question No: 320 – (Topic 4)

What is the purpose of conducting security assessments on network resources?

  1. Documentation

  2. Validation

  3. Implementation

  4. Management

Answer: B

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