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Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures V8

Question No: 131 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following encryption is NOT based on block cipher?

  1. DES

  2. Blowfish

  3. AES (Rijndael)

  4. RC4

Answer: D

Question No: 132 – (Topic 2)

This TCP flag instructs the sending system to transmit all buffered data immediately.

  1. SYN

  2. RST

  3. PSH

  4. URG

  5. FIN

Answer: C

Question No: 133 – (Topic 2)

Frederickson Security Consultants is currently conducting a security audit on the networks of Hawthorn Enterprises, a contractor for the Department of Defense. Since Hawthorn Enterprises conducts business daily with the federal government, they must abide by very stringent security policies. Frederickson is testing all of Hawthorn#39;s physical and logical security measures including biometrics, passwords, and permissions. The federal government requires that all users must utilize random, non-dictionary passwords that must take at least 30 days to crack. Frederickson has confirmed that all Hawthorn employees use a random password generator for their network passwords. The Frederickson consultants have saved off numerous SAM files from Hawthorn#39;s servers using Pwdump6 and are going to try and crack the network passwords. What method of attack is best suited to crack these passwords in the shortest amount of time?

  1. Brute force attack

  2. Birthday attack

  3. Dictionary attack

  4. Brute service attack

Answer: A

Question No: 134 – (Topic 2)

Fred is scanning his network to ensure it is as secure as possible. Fred sends a TCP probe packet to a host with a FIN flag and he receives a RST/ACK response. What does this mean?

  1. This response means the port he is scanning is open.

  2. The RST/ACK response means the port Fred is scanning is disabled.

  3. This means the port he is scanning is half open.

  4. This means that the port he is scanning on the host is closed.

Answer: D

Question No: 135 – (Topic 2)

What type of encryption does WPA2 use?

  1. DES 64 bit

  2. AES-CCMP 128 bit

  3. MD5 48 bit

  4. SHA 160 bit

Answer: B

Question No: 136 – (Topic 2)

Yancey is a network security administrator for a large electric company. This company provides power for over 100, 000 people in Las Vegas. Yancey has worked for his company for over 15 years and has become very successful. One day, Yancey comes in to work and finds out that the company will be downsizing and he will be out of a job in two weeks. Yancey is very angry and decides to place logic bombs, viruses, Trojans, and backdoors all over the network to take down the company once he has left. Yancey does not care if his actions land him in jail for 30 or more years, he just wants the company to pay for what they are doing to him. What would Yancey be considered?

  1. Yancey would be considered a Suicide Hacker

  2. Since he does not care about going to jail, he would be considered a Black Hat

  3. Because Yancey works for the company currently; he would be a White Hat

  4. Yancey is a Hacktivist Hacker since he is standing up to a company that is downsizing

Answer: A

Question No: 137 – (Topic 2)

William has received a Chess game from someone in his computer programming class through email. William does not really know the person who sent the game very well, but decides to install the game anyway because he really likes Chess.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

After William installs the game, he plays it for a couple of hours. The next day, William plays the Chess game again and notices that his machine has begun to slow down. He brings up his Task Manager and sees the following programs running:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

What has William just installed?

  1. Zombie Zapper (ZoZ)

  2. Remote Access Trojan (RAT)

  3. Bot IRC Tunnel (BIT)

  4. Root Digger (RD)

Answer: B

Question No: 138 – (Topic 2)

Switches maintain a CAM Table that maps individual MAC addresses on the network to physical ports on the switch.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

In MAC flooding attack, a switch is fed with many Ethernet frames, each containing different source MAC addresses, by the attacker. Switches have a limited memory for mapping various MAC addresses to physical ports. What happens when the CAM table becomes full?

  1. Switch then acts as hub by broadcasting packets to all machines on the network

  2. The CAM overflow table will cause the switch to crash causing Denial of Service

  3. The switch replaces outgoing frame switch factory default MAC address of FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF

  4. Every packet is dropped and the switch sends out SNMP alerts to the IDS port

Answer: A

Question No: 139 – (Topic 2)

This method is used to determine the Operating system and version running on a remote target system. What is it called?

  1. Service Degradation

  2. OS Fingerprinting

  3. Manual Target System

  4. Identification Scanning

Answer: B

Question No: 140 – (Topic 2)

NetBIOS over TCP/IP allows files and/or printers to be shared over the network. You are

trying to intercept the traffic from a victim machine to a corporate network printer. You are attempting to hijack the printer network connection from your laptop by sniffing the wire. Which port does SMB over TCP/IP use?

A. 443

B. 139

C. 179

D. 445

Answer: D

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