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Power Systems with POWER8 Sales Skills V1

Question No: 41

A customer is running a critical and large Oracle Database on x86 servers in an 8-node RAC cluster. The client has regular outages and poor performance.

Which POWER8 advantage is most relevant to the customer?

  1. Near linear scaling

  2. Service Processor

  3. ECC memory

  4. License savings

Answer: A

Explanation: There are some algorithms that scale nearly perfectly to thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of threads

Question No: 42

Which customer requirement would lead to a proposal of a 6-core S814 instead of a 4-core S814 server?

  1. Large cache disk controllers

  2. Fibre attached disk

  3. 96GB memory

  4. High speed Ethernet adapters

Answer: A

Explanation: IBM S814 (6-core) has 18 Drive backplane with Dual raid controllers with a nice level of cache. Can attach say at EXP24S and fill the 18 internal slots

Question No: 43

A customer running Linux with VMware on their x86 systems wants to add an S822L into the environment using a consistent virtualization technology.

How can a Power option satisfy the requirement?

  1. Implement PowerVM and VMware since the functionality and management interface are shared.

  2. Implement Kimchi as the management interface to support both environments.

  3. Convert VMware to PowerVM on the x86 systems for consistency with the Power Systems.

  4. Implement the appropriate KVM base version on the Power and x86 systems.

Answer: A

Explanation: You can implement KVM base version on Power and x86 systems.

Question No: 44

Which IBM resource is devised to help with the design and installation of a Power Systems SmartCloud solution?

  1. Redbook Planning Guides

  2. Local Field Technical Sales Support

  3. Lab Services

  4. Advanced Technical Support

Answer: A

Explanation: Redbook planning guides are a huge resource which provides designing and installation guidelines for various IBM products including but not limited to Power systems SmartCloud solutions and host of other solutions.

Question No: 45

A customer with an AS/400 running S/36 code needs to migrate to a new P0WER8 system. They require a deskside solution.

Which solution will satisfy the customer#39;s requirements?

  1. S812L running IBM i 6.2

  2. S814 running IBM i 7.1

  3. S822 running IBM i 7.2

  4. S814 running IBM i 6.1

Answer: B Explanation:

S814 is deskside solution and with IBM I 7.1 it can execute S/36 code.

: http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/power/hardware/s814/specs.html

Question No: 46

A customer is considering the purchase of three IBM POWER8 Scale-out systems to run their AIX and IBM i applications. Their main concern is application uptime.

What feature of the POWER8 Scale-out systems should the IBM reseller discuss?

  1. RAS features eliminate disk and memory failures

  2. Live Partition Mobility

  3. PowerVC

  4. Hot swap memory and cores

Answer: B Explanation:

Demands for system uptime have consistently risen over the years, and while technology features such as high availability have largely minimized unplanned downtime, servers still have to come down for routine maintenance to keep operations running smoothly. This is one of the key benefits of Live Partition Mobility for IBM i, which allows IT to migrate a partition from one physical machine to another.

Question No: 47

What is a performance monitoring product that is available on the E880?

  1. PowerSC

  2. PowerVP

  3. PowerVC

  4. PowerVM

Answer: B Explanation:

The dynamic pace of change that is encountered with today’s virtualized environments and workloads require flexible infrastructure. This flexible infrastructure allows virtual workloads to be mobile and to dynamically contract and expand within the virtual data center as needed by the business.

Performance is key to the benefit of this new flexibility introduced by server virtualization and cloud deployments which yields the benefits of consolidation, flexibility and reduction of risk.

The ability to manage and monitor the performance of both the virtualized workloads as well as the physical hardware mapping is critical. IBM PowerVP鈩?provides the performance intelligence to make key decisions in the virtualized infrastructure such as VM placement and exploitation of key server resources for optimized workload performance.



Question No: 48

As a virtualization host, what is an advantage of VIOS compared to IBM i?

  1. Virtual SCSI

  2. Virtual Ethernet

  3. Dual (redundant) management partitions

  4. V3700 external disk virtualization

Answer: C



Question No: 49

How does POWER8 technology contribute to lower TCO?

  1. Software licensing and with Capacity on Demand allows software to be licensed to the lowest core count.

  2. Higher performance cores reduces software licensing.

  3. RAS features mean the cost of failover systems can be eliminated.

  4. The lower energy usage of Power Systems can reduce 20% of systems costs.

Answer: B

Question No: 50

A customer is evaluating POWER8 and competitive servers to run multiple workloads in a dynamic environment.

What should be emphasized in the Executive Summary of a proposal?

  1. Energy consumption report details

  2. Faster processors reduce software licensing expenses

  3. Ability to run AIX. LINUX, and IBM i applications concurrently.

  4. Acquisition cost details

Answer: C Explanation:

If the customer is looking for multiple workloads being run in a dynamic environment, you can emphasize the ability of Power8 to run AIX, Linux and IBM I application concurrently.

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