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Power Systems with POWER8 Sales Skills V1

Question No: 21

Upon meeting in an elevator, a customer’s senior executive asks an IBM sales agent to explain in one sentence why POWER8 systems are superior to x86 solutions.

Which statement best represents the Power Systems value proposition?

  1. IBM POWER8 servers deliver a lower TCO with unparalleled system reliability.

  2. x86 technology is reaching chip design limitations and x86 performance has not increased proportionality to the chip core count, which results in higher software costs.

  3. Regardless of the benchmark used, IBM POWER8 has proven to be the fastest performing server chip in the industry.

  4. The IBM POWER8 processor is Purpose Built resulting in premium performance over x86, which results in lower TCA and TCO.

Answer: D Explanation:

Sandy Bridge EP E5-26xx

Ivy Bridge EP E5-26xx v2 Haswell EP E5-26xx v3 Ivy Bridge EX E7-88xx v2 POWER 7 POWER8

Clock rates




1.9-3.4 GHz

3.1-4.4 GHz

3.0-4.15 GHz

SMT options


1, 2*

1, 2*

1, 2*

1, 2, 4

1, 2, 4, 8

Cores per socket







Max Threads / sock







Max L1 Cache







Max L2 Cache

256 KB

256 KB

256 KB

256 KB

256 KB

512 KB

Max L3 Cache

20 MB

30 MB

45 MB

37.5 MB

80 MB

96 MB

Max L4 Cache






128 MB

Memory Bandwidth

31.4-51.2 GB/s

42.6-59.7 GB/s

51.2-68.3 GB/s



100 – 180 GB/sec

230 – 410 GB/sec

Reference: http://thestgmarketplace.com/pdfs/COMP P8 vs X86.ppt

Question No: 22

A customer has many x86 systems running Linux and has run out of server rack space.

Which statement indicates how a Power Systems provides a solution to resolve the space issue?

  1. Power rack systems are 2U and 4U and have a much smaller footprint than x86 systems.

  2. Power rack systems are four sockets and therefore can reduce the space requirements by two times.

  3. Higher performance means fewer servers for same workload.

  4. Lower energy consumption means less HVAC and therefore increases available datacenter space.

Answer: C

Question No: 23

A customer is running an E870 and is considering running Linux in a partition. What should be proposed to the customer to satisfy the requirement?

  1. Red Hat free edition

  2. Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL)

  3. SUSE with KVM

  4. Ubuntu

Answer: C

Explanation: See the table at https://www- 01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/linuxonibm/liaam/liaamdistros.htm

Question No: 24

A customer asks why they should investigate Open Source solutions as opposed to single vendor proprietary solutions.

Which statement best summarizes the benefit of the solutions?

  1. Open Source solutions are not susceptible to security flaws due to peer review process.

  2. The open community develops to all operating systems standards.

  3. Open Source solutions are certified to execute on all operating systems since they are developed in Java

  4. The open community development model provides greater flexibility for application functional expansion.

Answer: D

Explanation: we look to provide ongoing and increasing support for complex competency based curricular models, for clinical and experiential learning modalities, and provide ever greater flexibility for interprofessional education.


Question No: 25

The executive summary of a proposal should:

  1. present the TCO of the proposal with financial details.

  2. contrast the Power solution to the competitive offerings.

  3. state an overview of all of the elements of the proposal.

  4. provide the primary business objectives of the RFP.

Answer: C

Explanation: According to IBM, the executive summary of a proposal should have an overview of all the elements of the proposal.

Question No: 26

A customer wants to run multiple workloads, and is considering an S824 or an E870. Under which condition would the E870 be more appropriate?

  1. If the customer needs hot plug PCIe adapters.

  2. If the customer expects to grow beyond 2TB of memory and more than 24 cores.

  3. If the customer needs to support more than 1TB of memory.

  4. If the customer needs to run AIX, IBM i, and Linux using internal disk.

Answer: B


Question No: 27

A client is looking for a high availability solution for their existing Power environment. They have two locations, each with an E870 and DS8800.

What solution provides the best TCO?

  1. IBM PowerHA

  2. Vision Solutions MIMIX

  3. IBM PowerVP

  4. IBM Tivoli Manager for HA

Answer: A

Reference: http://www.rocketsoftware.com/sites/default/files/resource_files/IBM Systems iClust er Solution Brief.pdf?flag=metaamp;product=rocket-icluster-business-continuity- softwareamp;family=rocket-iclusteramp;solution=archive-and-backup- managementamp;resourcetype=datasheetamp;resourcebn=rocket-software-and-ibm-i-solution- editions-protect-data-and-complement- powerhaamp;resourcefbn=IBM Systems iCluster Solution Brief.pdf (see highlights, second last bullet)

Question No: 28

What is an advantage of the POWER8 Scale-out systems compared to a competitive Oracle T5 offering?

  1. The option to run SUSE Linux.

  2. The ability to connect to a SAN.

  3. The ability to support internal drives.

  4. The option to run multiple partitions.

Answer: D

Explanation: Power8 Scale-out systems support internal drives whereas Oracle T5 supports only external drives and SAN.

Question No: 29

A customer needs a 4-core S814 server with 1TB of available disk space to run an ERP application.

Which disk storage technology meets the requirements?

  1. Flash

  2. SAN

  3. Internal hard disk

  4. Internal Solid-State disk

Answer: C

Reference: http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/power/hardware/scale-out.html

Question No: 30

A customer with no in-house IT support needs to implement a solution that includes a relational database, industry leading security, standards based internet technology, networking and storage management capabilities.

Which Operating System will satisfy the customer’s requirements?

  1. LINUX

  2. AIX

  3. Windows

  4. IBM i

Answer: D

Explanation: IBM i integrates a trusted combination of a DB2 relational database, industry- leading security, standards-based Internet technology, networking, and storage management capabilities. For example, IBM installs and integrates the SQL standards- based DB2 database for IBM i with advanced database management utilities, plus additional middleware components such as multiple file system options, directory capability, an HTTP web server powered by Apache, a web application server, and a web- services environment.

Reference: http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi- bin/ssialias?subtype=caamp;infotype=anamp;appname=iSourceamp;supplier=897amp;letternum=ENUS 214-154

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