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IBM WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools V8.5 with Liberty Profile

Question No: 51

Which of the following is a supported method for validating WS-I compliance using IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5?

  1. Use the TCP/IP Monitor to save and review the WS-I message log

  2. Use the Web Services Explorer to load the Web service and select Validate Service

  3. Use the Universal Test Client (UTC) to invoke the Web service and view the response source

  4. Use the Profiling tools to profile the execution of the Web service and define a Watch for the SOAP messages

Answer: A

Question No: 52

Refer to the exhibit. Weather? Web service is configured under the WeatherBeanWeb context. From the diagram in the exhibit, what is the correct URI for TCP/IP Monitor to work?

  1. http://localhost/WeatherBeanWeb/services/Weather

  2. http://localhost:9083/WeatherBean/services/Weather

  3. http://localhost:9090/WeatherBean/services/Weather

  4. http://localhost:9083/WeatherBeanWeb/services/Weather

  5. http://localhost:9090/WeatherBeanWeb/services/Weather

Answer: D

Question No: 53

Which of the following scenarios can be BEST monitored using TCP/IP Monitor?


  2. WS-Coordination messages

  3. synchronous message exchange pattern over HTTP

  4. synchronous message exchange pattern over HTTPS/SSL

Answer: C

Question No: 54

Refer to the Exhibit. While creating a new TCP/IP Monitor on IBM Rational Application DeveloperV7.5, if the HTTP option is selected, which one of the following is a valid statement?

  1. The TCP/IP Monitor ensures that the SOAP traffic is WS-I Compliant

  2. All the requests are sent byte for byte and the TCP/IP Monitor will not translate or modify any requests that it forwards

  3. The requests from the Web browser are modified so that the HTTP header points to the remote machine and separated if multiple requests are received in the same connection.

  4. The TCP/IP Monitor gets a handle of the SOAP envelop and if a WS-Addressing header exists, modifies the wsa:To header to specify the end point of the remote machine dynamically

Answer: C

Question No: 55

Which of the following is TRUE of the endptEnabler command?

  1. It requires an EJB Java archive (JAR) file as input

  2. It creates a bottom-up Web service from a stateless session EJB

  3. It generates IBM-specific deployment classes for a Web service application

  4. It adds a HTTP or JMS router module to an EJB-based Web service application

Answer: D

Question No: 56

A developer has a Web service-enabled EnterpriseJavaBean Java archive (JAR) module within an EAR file. Which of the following command line tools will add one or more router modules to the EAR file?

  1. Wsadmin

  2. Wsdeploy

  3. Ejbdeploy

  4. Endptenabler

Answer: D

Question No: 57

Which one of the following is NOT a standard property of the Binding Provider class from the JAX-WS API?

  1. The SOAP Action

  2. The endpoint address

  3. A timeout value for the HTTP request

  4. The ability to maintain HTTP session state

  5. A username and password for basic authentication

Answer: C

Question No: 58

Which one of the mechanisms CANNOT be used directly by the JAX-WS dynamic APIs for Dispatch or Provider?

  1. Source

  2. Data Source

  3. Input Stream

  4. JAXB Objects

  5. SOAP Message

Answer: C

Question No: 59

A developer is writing a Web service operation namedgetQuote?Select the proper code to obtain the HTTP Query String used in the request:

  1. public String get Quote (String input String, Message Context mc) { mc.get(MessageContext.QUERY_STRING); …

  2. public String get Quote (String input String, WebServiceContext wc) { wc.getMessageContext().get(MessageContext.QUERY_STRING); …

  3. @Resource private WebServiceContext context; Public String get Quote (String input String) { context.getMessageContext().get(MessageContext.QUERY_STRING); …

  4. @WebServiceContext private WebServiceContext context; Public String get Quote (String input String) { context.getMessageContext().get(MessageContext.QUERY_STRING); …

  5. @Resource private Resource context; Public String get Quote (String input String) { ((Message Context)context).get(MessageContext.QUERY_STRING); …

Answer: C

Question No: 60 CORRECT TEXT

JAX-WS 2.x does not have a mechanism to validate incoming requests as part of the specification. However, it can be implemented using JAXB 2.x APIs and using a JAX-WS provider. Which of the following uses the recommended mechanism for turning on schema validation for a request?

Answer: C

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