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IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8.0 System Administration

Question No: 21

A system administrator is asked to check whether the deployed HTTP nodes are using the listener embedded in the execution group. Which command should the system administrator run?

  1. mqsilist

  2. mqsireportbroker

  3. mqsireportproperties

  4. mqsireportresourcestats

Answer: C

Question No: 22

A system administrator has been asked to configure a database DB1 for record and replay of data in an environment consisting of a broker BRK1. The system administrator created the database and corresponding DataSourceName DB1, the tables for recording data and has given the necessary authorization for BRK1 to access DB1. Which additional database configuration steps does the system administrator need to perform on BRK1 to enable recording of messages processed by a message flow F1 in execution group EG1?

  1. mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataStore -o store1 -n dataSourceName,egForRecord,egForView -v DB1,EG1,EG1mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataSource -o source1 -n dataStore,topic – vstore1,#39;$SYS/Broker/BRK1/Monitoring/EG1/F1#39;

  2. mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataStore -o store1 -n dataSourceName,egForRecord -v DB1,EG1mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataSource -o source1 -n dataStore,topic – vstore1,#39;$SYS/Broker/BRK1/EG1/F1/Monitoring/##39;

  3. mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataCaptureStore -o store1 -n dataSourceName,egForRecord,egForView -vDB1,EG1,EG1mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataCaptureSource -o source1 -n dataCaptureStore,topic – vstore1,#39;$SYS/Broker/BRK1/Monitoring/EG1/F1#39;

  4. mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataCaptureStore -o store1 -n dataSourceName,egForRecord -v DB1,EG1mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c DataCaptureSource -o source1 -n dataCaptureStore,topic – vstore1,#39;$SYS/Broker/BRK1/EG1/F1/Monitoring/##39;

Answer: C

Question No: 23

A system administrator runs the following command in an environment where EG1 is an execution group running under broker BRK1 mqsistartmsgflow BRK1 -e EG1 -k App1 -m F1 What can the system administrator expect from the successful execution of the command?

  1. Message flow F1 under application App1 in EG1 is started.

  2. Message flow F1 and all message flows under application App1 in EG1 are started.

  3. All message flows under application App1 in EG1 are started except message flow F1.

  4. All instances of message flow F1 and all message flows under application App1 in EG1

are started.

Answer: A

Question No: 24

A developer has built a message flow containing a compute node accessing a DataSource name DB1 and would like to deploy to a broker BRK1 running on an AIX system. The system administrator has configured odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini files and has run the mqsisetdbparms command. Which command does the system administrator need to run to verify that the ODBC has been configured correctly?

  1. mqsilist BRK1 -d2

  2. mqsicvp DB1 -n BRK1

  3. mqsicvp -n DB1 -u user -p pwd

  4. mqsireportproperties BRK1 -e EG1 -o AllReportableEntityNames -r

Answer: C

Question No: 25

A system administrator is deploying MsgFlow1 and MsgFlow2 and its dependent resources to a single execution group of production broker BRK1 for the development team, and notices that there are dependent artifacts being deployed multiple times to the execution group? What should be the system administrator#39;s advice to the development team so they take advantage of the WebSphere Message Broker V8.0 features?

  1. Add the Message Broker Projects to separate .bar files and deployed each one separately.

  2. Add MsgFlow1 and MsgFlow2 to B1.bar file and the common resources into another B2.bar. Deploy B1.bar first and then deploy B2.bar.

  3. Convert the common resources into a Library and deploy the Library and the 2 message flows as peers into the execution group.

  4. Convert each group for interrelated resources into their own Application and create a single BAR file that includes all of the dependentresources including MsgFlow1 and MsgFlow2 and then deploy the bar file.

Answer: C

Question No: 26

A system administrator receives a requirement to change the FTP configuration, where the actual configuration is as follows:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

What command should the system administrator use to set the ftp server host name to newftpserver.com for broker services without altering other parameters?

  1. mqsichangeproperties BRK1 -c FtpServer -o FTP01 -n serverName -v newftpserver.com

  2. mqsichangeproperties BRK1 -c FtpServer -o FTP01 -n serverName,scanDelay,transferMode-v newftpserver.com:123,20,BINARY

  3. mqsichangeproperties BRK1 -c FtpServer -o FTP01 -n server,scanDelay,transferMode,connectionType,securityIdentity-v newftpserver.com:123,20,BINARY,ACTIVE,myidentity

  4. mqsichangeproperties BRK1 -c FtpServer -o FTP01 – nserverName,scanDelay,transferMode,connectionType,securityIdentity – vnewftpserver.com,20,BINARY,ACTIVE,myidentity

Answer: B

Question No: 27

A system administrator has been asked to configure the embedded global cache for an already existing broker BRK1 using the default topology. Which command should the system administrator run?

  1. mqsicacheadmin BRK1 -c default

  2. mqsicacheadmin BRK1 -c cachemanager -m default

  3. mqsichangebroker BRK1 -b default

  4. mqsichangebroker BRK1 -b cachemanager -o default

Answer: C

Question No: 28

A system administrator has been tasked to replace IS02 plugin with WebSphere Message Broker Explorer that is shipped with WebSphere Message Broker runtime, on an existing WebSphere MQ Explorer installation. The system administrator uninstalls IS02 and installs Message Broker Explorer. However, when the MQ Explorer is opened, the Brokers view cannot be seen. What did the system administrator forget to do?

  1. Update the MQExplorer.ini file.

  2. Delete the link file located in lt;WMQ Explorer installgt;/eclipseSDK33/eclipse/links.

  3. Restart the queue manager prior to installing WebSphere Message Broker Explorer.

  4. Restart the queue manager and broker prior to installing WebSphere Message Broker Explorer.

Answer: B

Question No: 29

The developer team has created a message flow quot;flow1quot; containing the EmailInput node and has requested the system administrator to configure the broker runtime to receive emails on this message flow. The system administrator decides to configure an object quot;Email1quot; as a new configurable service to use the mail server quot;pop3://myemailserver.com:12345quot; and security identity of quot;myidentityquot;. Which commands does the system administrator need to run? (choose 2)

  1. mqsisetdbparms BRK1 -n email::myidentity -u User -p Password

  2. mqsisetsecurityparams BRK1 -n email::myidentity -u User -p Password

  3. mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c EmailServer -o Email1 -n serverName,securityIdentity -vpop3://myemailserver.com:12345,myidentity

  4. mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c ServerEmail -o Email1 -n serverName,securityIdentity -vpop3://myemailserver.com:12345,myidentity

  5. mqsicreateconfigurableservice BRK1 -c RcvEmail -o Email1 -n serverName,securityIdentity -vpop3://myemailserver.com:12345,myidentity

Answer: A,C

Question No: 30

A system administrator needs to resolve a critical customer problem pertaining to WebSphere Message Broker running on Windows 7 and opens a PMR with the IBM Support. IBM Support needs the customer#39;s product version. To get the customer#39;s product version, which command does the system administrator need to run from the WebSphere Message Broker command console?

  1. mqsiservice -v

  2. mqsiservice -version

  3. mqsireportproperties BRK1 -c services -o v

  4. mqsireportproperties BRK1 -c services -o Version

Answer: A

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