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Oracle BigMachines CPQ Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 1

Which is an invalid Commerce rule type?

  1. Constraint rule

  2. Recommendation rule

  3. Hiding rule

  4. Validation rule

Answer: B Explanation:


Which statement is false about a Product Family after it is deployed?

  1. The Product Family can be removed.

  2. Product lines can be added to the Product Family.

  3. The Product Family can be renamed.

  4. The Product Family can have Models added to its Product Lines. Answer: C

Question No: 2

While configuring a product, which pricing is applied last on a given item (part) after it is added to a valid configuration?

  1. Recommended Item Pricing

  2. Base Price from the parts database

  3. List price from the PriceBook

  4. Attribute Value Pricing

Answer: A

Question No: 3

Oracle CPQ Cloud provides integration guides for some applications. Identify two suchapplications.

  1. Salesforce.com

  2. Microsoft Dynamics

  3. Oracle Sales Cloud

  4. Oracle On Demand

Answer: A,C

Reference:http://www.oracle.com/partners/en/most-popular-resources/cpq-partner-faq- 2231083.pdf

Question No: 4

How shouldadministrator set up a conditional restriction for access to a Product Family?

  1. by writing a Constraint rule at the Product Family level

  2. by hiding the model punch-in on the home page by using JavaScript

  3. by setting up a restricted profile and usergroup in Commerce and Hiding the add, reconfigure, and delete product options

  4. by providing conditional access criteria in the Restricted Access section of the Home Page setup

Answer: D

Question No: 5

What are three valid causes for a Configuration rule failing to execute?

  1. The status of the rule is set to Inactive.

  2. The rule’s Condition attributes are hidden on the Configuration Layout.

  3. A runtime error occurs within the rule, which is firing before the current rule.

  4. The attributes used in the rule are not added on the Configuration Layout.

Answer: A,C,D Explanation:


Your customer wants to have the Commerce pricing function invoke a Util library functionapplyDiscounts(), which applies discounts on the distributor price, the reseller price, and the end-customer price, and then returns the discounted values.

Identify three approaches that can be used to pass these values back to the Commerce pricing function.

  1. Add all values to an array and return the array.

  2. Construct a return result string in the following format and return this string: documentNumber ~ variableName ~ value [ | documentNumber ~ variableName ~ value ]*

  3. Add these values to a dictionary along with appropriate keys and return this dictionary.

  4. Return the values by using multiple return statements. Answer: A, B, C

Question No: 6

A document is mostly in English but has a specificsection where the content varies and can have a different language. What are two recommended options for implementing this?

  1. Build each page in as many languages as needed. Have a condition to print a page only when the language to print matches the language of the page.

  2. On each page, create verbiage in every language required. Use complex conditionals withIF/ELSEstatements to return the verbiage in the selected language.

  3. Build a table where each row has a snippet in a specific language and hasa condition to display it only when the selected language matches the language of the snippet.

  4. Use Text Administration to store the multiple values.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 7

You have 50 000 quotes in your BigMachines site. Based on a new requirement that you received from your client, you have added a new line item attribute to the line item grid, which shows a customer-specific discount for the line item part, fetched from a data table.

Howwould you update the existing quotes to show this discount value?

  1. Update the quotes manually.

  2. Run a mass update all quotes.

  3. The existing line items will get updated automatically.

  4. Create a new Commerce library function and pass a quote numbersas input.

Answer: C

Question No: 8

Whichthree Configuration rules support table-based lockups?

  1. Constraint rule

  2. Hiding rule

  3. Recommendation rule

  4. Recommended Item rule

  5. Configuration Flow rule

Answer: B,D,E

Question No: 9

Which two statements are true?

  1. The order of integrating XSLs on theIntegration tab of an Action defines the order in which field values will be sent to an external system.

  2. The SFDC Quote Upsert Integration XSL file does not take field mappings into consideration as defined in the CPQ Cloud Site Setup object in Salesforce.

  3. The SFDC Quote – Process Updates integration XSL file is used to notify Salesforce.com that SPQ Cloud has completed sending updates. This integration triggers processing and synchronizing of new changes.

  4. SFDC Opportunity – Upload is used to send back relevant opportunity fields from a CPQ Cloud Quote.

Answer: A,C

Question No: 10

Your customer has both Salesforce and CPQ Cloud andwould like to achieve the following:

->Select one parts master to hold all of the parts data.

->Provide the ability to upload and download parts data.

->Have a corresponding price book entry to each part.

->Ensure that the parts are available for currentlyintegrated external systems.

->Ensure that the parts data is available for reporting to the entire product development team, without purchase of extra licenses of CPQ Cloud.

Based on these requirements, which two options would you choose to design and implement the parts master?

  1. Store all the parts data in Salesforce and use the Salesforce Daata Loader tool to upload and download the parts data.

  2. Use the Salesforce price book and reporting and use the integration APIs to make all the parts data available for use in other external systems that are integrated with Salesforce.

  3. Store the parts data in CPQ Cloud and use the Bulk Data service to upload and download the parts data. Use the price book entries for each part.

  4. Integrate each external system with CPQ Cloud on client approval. purchase the reporting capability for your CPQ Cloud site.

Answer: A,C

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