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Oracle Business Process Management Suite 12c Essentials

Question No: 21

Which three statements are accurate about BAM 12c alerts? (Choose three.)

  1. Conditions are optional settings for constraining the time period in which the alert is fired.

  2. An action can invoke a web service.

  3. Alerts can be created in either BPM Studio or BPM Process Composer.

  4. You cannot createalerts that launch other alerts.

  5. An event can result when a CQL query receives new data outside a normal range.

Answer: A,E

Explanation: Conditions are optional settings for constraining the time period in which the alert is fired. You can select any number and combination of conditions.

When you select the event Select a CQL Query, you must select a continuous query from the pop-up drop-down list. The alert fires when the query receives new data with values outside of a normal range.

Question No: 22

By default, which two tasks participant roles can change the outcome of a task?(Choose two.)

  1. Admin

  2. Approvers

  3. Assignees

  4. Creator

  5. Owner

  6. Reviewer

Answer: C,E

Explanation: The task owner can change both the outcome of the task and the assignments.

The assignee can raise questions about the work, by adding comments into the task to communicate to the owner or followers about their progress. For example, if an assignee cannot complete the task, they can either change the assignee back to the owner, or add a comment into the task while changing the task status to “need assistance”.

Question No: 23

The process payload, including customer name and order ID, is stored based on a single XSD-based data object and the human tasks in the process use this XSD definition. End users need to see the customer name and the order ID as columns in their default inbox task list.

Which three approaches best accomplishthis requirement?(Choose three.)

  1. Either public or protected flex fields can be used to displays the customer name and order ID without having to add additional process payload data objects.

  2. Public flex fields can be used if two new simple data elements, representing the customer name and order ID, are added to the humantask’s list of data objects.

  3. Public flex fields can be used if two new simple process payload data objects, representing the customer name and order ID, are first added.

  4. Public flex fields can be used only if they have first been created in the workspace and the two have been added as mapped attributes in the human tasks.

  5. No changes to the human task’s incoming data or data associations are necessary if protected flex fields are used.

Answer: A,B,E

Question No: 24

Which two statements are true about verbal rules and business phrases? (Choose two.)

  1. You can create a verbal rule with business phrases as a column in a decision table rule.

  2. Derived business phrases are automatically created by using facts,globals, and other information in the rules dictionary.

  3. User-defined business phrases can be explicitly authored to augment derived phrases.

  4. Youcan mark a verbal rule as draft in the Rules Editor.

Answer: B,C

Explanation: Derived business phrases are automatically created using facts, globals and other information in the dictionary while user-defined phrases can be explicitly authored to augment derived phrases.



Question No: 25

Which option is unusable as a start point to initiate a new instance of a process?

  1. Initiator User Task

  2. Call Task

  3. Receive Task

  4. Message Start Event

Answer: B

Question No: 26

What determines the life span of the value in a subprocess data object?

  1. process

  2. task

  3. subprocess

  4. project

Answer: D

Question No: 27

Which two statements are true about business architecture modeling in BPM Suite?(Choose two.)

  1. It fosters a top-down approach that allows for discovery of an organization’s processes.

  2. Itis required before BPMN modeling can begin for a specific process.

  3. It is supported by enterprise maps, value chain models, and strategy models created in BPM Studio.

  4. It allows you to define high-level processesthat span an entire organization.

  5. It uses familiar BPMN notation to graphically describe high-level process areas.

Answer: A,D

Explanation: Business Architecture is a methodology for performing high-level analysis of the business processes within your organization. These processes can be high-level processes that span an entire organization or specific, low-level processes performed within a specific group.

Business Architecture uses a top-down approach that allows for discovery of your organization#39;s processes. You can define and evaluate high-level goals and map them to specific strategies for achieving them. You can also run reports on Business Architecture components to evaluate performance.



Question No: 28

Identify the gateway type that disallows an outgoing conditional path.

  1. Exclusive

  2. Inclusive

  3. Parallel

  4. Complex

Answer: C

Explanation: A Parallel Gateway creates parallel paths without checking any conditions; each outgoing Sequence Flow receives a token upon execution of this Gateway

Reference:http://training-course- material.com/training/BPMN_2.0_Gateways#Parallel_Gateway(See Parallel Gateway, 2ndline).

Question No: 29

During a simu-lation run, a simu-lation definition may be associated with .

  1. one what-if scenario for a single process

  2. multiple what-if scenarios for a single process

  3. multiple processes and one what-if scenario for each process

  4. multiple processes and multiple what-if scenarios for each process

Answer: C

Question No: 30

Which option is constraint on promoting a BPMN process to be a case activity?

  1. The BPMN process has to be modeled as an asynchronous process.

  2. The BPMN process cannot contain human tasks.

  3. The BPMN process must be in the same project as the case.

  4. The BPMN process requires that the reply from the process contains at least one parameter.

Answer: A

Explanation: The BPMN process must already exist. You can use synchronous and asynchronous BPMN processes. The case activity only supports message start and end points Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/doc.1111/e15176/case_mgmt_bpmpd.htm


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