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Linux Networking Administration

Question No: 111

Which of the following configuration lines will export /usr/local/share/ to nfsclient with read- write access, ensuring that all changes are straight to the disk?

  1. /usr/local/share nfsclient(rw) written

  2. nfsclient: /usr/local/share/:rw,sync

  3. /usr/local/share nfsclient:rw:sync

  4. /usr/local/share nfsclient(rw,sync)

  5. nfsclient(rw,sync) /usr/local/share

Answer: D

Question No: 112 CORRECT TEXT

Which Samba-related command will show all options that were not modified using smb.conf and thus are set to their default values? Please enter the command and its parameter(s):

Answer: testparm -v

Question No: 113 CORRECT TEXT

You are not sure whether the kernel has detected a piece of hardware in your machine. What command, without options or parameters, should be run to present the contents of the kernel ringbuffer?

Answer: dmesg

Question No: 114 CORRECT TEXT

Which program lists information about files opened by processes and produces output that can be parsed by other programs?

Answer: lsof

Question No: 115 CORRECT TEXT

Which site-specific configuration file for the shadow login suite must be modified to log login failures? Please enter the complete path to that file.

Answer: /etc/login.defs

Question No: 116

What command can be used to add a new newsgroup called ABC that allows posting?

  1. ctlinnd newgroup Certkiller n news

  2. ctlinnd newgroup Certkiller y news

  3. ctlinnd addgroup Certkiller y news

  4. ctlinnd newgroup Certkiller rw news

  5. ctlinnd addgroup Certkiller rw news

Answer: B

Question No: 117

Which TWO of the following commands could be used to add a second IP address to eth0?

A. ifconfig eth0 – add ip

B. ifconfig eth0:1 C. ifconfig eth0 1 D. ifconfig eth0

E. ifconfig eth0:sub1

Answer: B,E

Question No: 118

If the command arp -f is run, which file will be read by default?

  1. /etc/hosts

  2. /etc/ethers

  3. /etc/arp.conf

  4. /etc/networks

  5. /var/cache/arp

Answer: B

Question No: 119

What command must be used to print the kernel#39;s routing table?

  1. route print

  2. route enumerate

  3. route show

  4. route list

  5. route

Answer: E

Question No: 120

What command would be used to configure the interface eth1:1 with the IP address 10

10.34 and the netmask

A. ifconfig eth1:1 netmask start B. ifconfig netmask eth1:1 up C. ifconfig eth1:1 netmask up D. ifconfig eth1:1 up

E. ifconfig eth1:1 up

Answer: C

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