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Oracle EBS R12:General Ledger and Payables Fundamentals

Question No: 71 – (Topic 0)

Which two statements are true if you select the QuickMatch invoice type? (Choose two.)

  1. You can use QuickMatch to match individual distribution lines.

  2. You can use QuickMatch to match individual purchase order shipments.

  3. Payables automatically completes the match to all available shipments on the purchase order.

  4. Payables automatically creates invoice distributions on the basis of the purchase order distributions.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 72 – (Topic 0)

The accounting setup process in Oracle General Ledger consists of three main steps. (Choose three.)

  1. Update accounting options.

  2. Approve accounting options.

  3. Complete the accounting setup.

  4. Create an accounting setup structure.

Answer: A,C,D

Question No: 73 – (Topic 0)

For each subledger, there must be one .

  1. journal type

  2. account type

  3. journal source

  4. journal category

Answer: C

Question No: 74 – (Topic 0)

Select four options that can be set at the supplier site level. (Choose four.)

  1. surveys

  2. tax details

  3. accounting

  4. bank details

  5. business classification

Answer: A,B,C,D

Question No: 75 – (Topic 0)

During the testing phase of your implementation, you find that you are unable to delete a journal batch, though it is not yet posted. You ask the technical consultant for help and he emails you a checklist of scenarios in which the batches cannot be deleted. Select three scenarios that would be on the checklist. (Choose three.)

  1. The source is frozen.

  2. The journal batch has not been posted.

  3. Funds have been reserved for the batch.

  4. The journal batch has not been approved.

  5. Funds are in the process of being reserved for the batch.

Answer: A,C,E

Question No: 76 – (Topic 0)

Payment process request templates are created on the Templates tabbed page of the Payments Manager to simplify pay run processing. All statements in the list below represent steps to create a payment process request template. Which one is the first step?

  1. Specify payment attributes.

  2. Specify template header information.

  3. Specify the degree of pay run automation.

  4. Specify invoice payment selection criteria.

  5. Specify how the system handles validation failure on the document and payment levels.

Answer: B

Question No: 77 – (Topic 0)

Identify the table used to load procurement card transactions.

  1. AP_Card_Codes

  2. AP_Invoices_Interface

  3. AP_Invoice_Lines_Interface

  4. AP_Expense_Feed_Lines_All

Answer: D

Question No: 78 – (Topic 0)

Identify the conditions that must exist before you can apply an advance against an expense report.

  1. The prepayment type is temporary and has been fully applied.

  2. The prepayment type is temporary and has not been fully applied.

  3. The prepayment type is permanent, has been validated, and not canceled.

  4. The prepayment type is permanent and no active holds exist for the prepayment.

Answer: B

Question No: 79 – (Topic 0)

Jane, the GL accountant, asks you whether she could delete the budget after it has been defined. She also wants to know whether she could delete the budget organization after it has been defined. What would be your response?

  1. You can delete the budget and the budget organization after they have been defined.

  2. You cannot delete the budget or the budget organization after either has been defined.

  3. You cannot delete a budget after it has been defined. However, you can delete a budget organization.

  4. You cannot delete a budget organization after it has been defined. However, you can delete a budget.

Answer: C

Question No: 80 – (Topic 0)

Scott, the CFO at ABC Company in the USA, wants to present the annual income statement to the board of directors of the company. ABC Company engages in many exports and import activities and follows the policy to revalue all its transactions in foreign currency with the current market rates. Scott requests George, the head accountant of the company, to revalue all foreign currency transactions done during the year. Select two prerequisites that George must comply with to ensure that the revaluation is done as desired. (Choose two.)

  1. Define accounts for realized gains and realized losses.

  2. Define accounts for unrealized gains and unrealized losses.

  3. Define the weights for each currency used for doing transactions.

  4. Define a batch under which the revaluation journals would be stored.

  5. Define a revaluation rate for each currency for each period or date for which the revaluation must be run.

    Answer: B,E

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