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IBM Storwize Family Technical Solutions V4

Question No: 21

An IBM i customer decided to take advantage of the performance of flash-based storage and is implementing an IBM FlashSystem V9000. The customer plans to move all data to

the V9000 with native IBM i attachment.

Which connection protocol is required for this environment?

  1. FC

  2. FTP

  3. 10 Gb FCoE

  4. InfiniBand

Answer: A Explanation:

IBM FlashSystem V9000 can be attached to IBM i in the following ways:

  • Native connection without using Virtual I/O Server (VIOS)

    Native connection with SAN switches can be done with these adapters: 4 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) adapters, feature number 5774 or 5276

    8 Gb FC adapters, feature number 5735 or 5273 16 Gb FC adapters, feature number EN0A or EN0B

    Direct native connection without SAN switches can be done with these adapters: 4 Gb FC adapters in IBM i connectedto 8 Gb adapters in IBM FlashSystem V9000 16 Gb adapters in IBM i connected to 16 Gb adapters in IBM FlashSystem V9000

  • Connection with VIOS in N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) mode

    There are rules for mapping server virtual FC adapters to the ports in VIOS when implementing IBM i in VIOS NPIV connection.

  • Connection with VIOS in virtual SCSI (VSCSI) mode

  • References:Introducing and Implementing IBM FlashSystem V9000, page 272 http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redpieces/pdfs/sg248273.pdf

    Question No: 22

    A company just completed an acquisition and now has FC attached storage from multiple vendors. The environments are isolated and storage administrators are unable to share resources across these environments.

    Which IBM Storwize solution feature helps improve this situation?

    1. Real-time Compression

    2. Encryption

    3. Tiered Storage Optimizer

    4. External Virtualization

    Answer: D Explanation:

    By using external virtualization, you can consolidate FC SAN-attached disk controllers from various vendors into pools of storage. In this way, the storage administrator can manage and provision storage to applications from a single user interface and use a common set of advanced functions across all of the storage systems under the control of the IBM Storwize.

    References: Implementing the IBM Storwize V5000 Gen2 (including the Storwize V5010,

    V5020, and V5030), page51 http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/pdfs/sg248162.pdf

    Question No: 23

    A customer wishes to provide a VMware administrator with storage capacity to manage the volume creation. The system only has one storage pool.

    How should the customer configure the existing system to limit the capacity provided to the administrator?

    1. Use IBM Spectrum Control Base

    2. Create one large volume

    3. Create another storage pool with new storage

    4. Create a child pool

    Answer: D Explanation:

    Before V7.4, the disk space of a storage pool was provided from MDisks, so the capacity of a storage pool depended on the MDisks’ capacity. Creating or splitting a storage pool is not

    possible and a user cannot freely make a storage pool with a particular capacity they want. A child pool is a new logical object that is created from a physical storage pool and provides most of the functions that Pools have (for example, volume creation), but the user can specify the capacity of the child pool at creation.

    A child pool is an object similar to a storage pool, and can be used interchangeablywith a storage pool. It supports volume copy and migration.

    References: Implementing the IBM Storwize V7000 and IBM Spectrum Virtualize V7.6, page 89


    Question No: 24

    An online shopping website stores large amounts of product data and orders on a multi-tier IBM Storwize storage solution. All data is stored in a pool including Nearline, Enterprise, and SSD storage. Depending on purchases, some products may place a higher demand on the storage.

    How will Easy Tier assist this organization with its data performance?

    1. Promotion of data directly from Nearline to Flash storage

    2. Demotion of data from Nearline to Enterprise storage

    3. Demotion of data from Flash to Nearline storage

    4. Promotion of data from Enterprise to Flash storage

    Answer: D Explanation:


    IBM Spectrum Virtualize includes IBM Easy Tier, a function that responds to the presence of drives in a storage pool that also contains hard disk drives (HDDs). The system automatically and nondisruptively moves frequently accessed data from HDD MDisks to flash storage MDisks, thus placing such data in a faster tier of storage.

    The system supports these tiers:

    • Flash tier

      The flashtier exists when flash MDisks are in the pool. The flash MDisks provide greater performance than enterprise or nearline MDisks.

    • Enterprise tier

      The enterprise tier exists when enterprise-class MDisks are in the pool.

    • Nearline tier

      The nearline tier exists when nearline-class MDisks are used in the pool.

      Note 2: The formal distinction between online, nearline, and offline storage is:

    • Online storage is immediately available for I/O.

    • Nearline storage is not immediately available, but can be made online quickly without human intervention.

    • Offline storage is not immediately available, and requires some human intervention to become online.

      References:https://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/flexsys/information/index.jsp?topic=_ Fcom.ibm.acc.4939.doc_Fsvc_easy_tier.html

      Question No: 25

      A customer has acquired a new business and wants to bring its systems and storage under corporate systems. The company has an IBM SVC in the environment to manage all storage.

      What must the customer do with the volumes from the new businesses storage to bring them under IBM Spectrum Virtualize management?

      1. Import the volumes using Volume Mirror

      2. Import the volumes using Managed mode

      3. Import the volumes in Image Mode

      4. Import the volumes as a storage pool

      Answer: C Explanation:

      Image mode volumes are used to migrate LUNs that were previously mapped directly to host servers over to the control of the IBM Spectrum Virtualize system.

      Note: mkimagevolume

      Create a new image mode volume. This command can be used to import a volume, preserving existing data.

      References:Implementing the IBM Storwize V7000 and IBM Spectrum Virtualize V7.8, page 215


      Question No: 26

      Which IBM Storwize Family product possesses the following control enclosure base feature?

      • Memory: standard 16 GB memory system total

      • HIC slot (different options are possible)

      • Standard 10/100/1000 megabits per second (Mbps) Ethernet ports for iSCSI

      • Two 2-core, 2 thread processor

      1. IBM Storwize V5010

      2. IBM Storwize V5020

      3. IBM Storwize V3700

      4. IBM Storwize V5030

      Answer: D

      Question No: 27

      A data center provides a Cloud Software as a Service environment primarily for websites

      and online transactions. Each client is allocated a standard 400 GB LUN for storage. The data center wants to reclaim usable capacity and avoid the need to purchase new disks.

      How can this be achieved using IBM Storwize V5020?

      1. Implement IBM Real-Time Compression to the existing LUNs to provide more free space.

      2. Add a Thin-Provisioned copy to a fully allocated LUN, then remove the fully allocated LUN.

      3. Use external storage virtualization to add new LUNs.

      4. Reconfigure internal drives from RAID5 to RAID6.

      Answer: A Explanation:

      Store up to five times as much active data in the same physical space with IBM Real-time Compression. It is supported by the three StorwizeV5000 hybrid models: IBM Storwize V5030, IBM Storwize V5020 and IBM Storwize V5010.


      Question No: 28

      A customer is implementing an IBM Storwize V7000 Unified solution and will access both file and block storage. Two fibre channel adapters are included within each controller.

      What is the maximum number of fibre channel connections the customer can connect to its SAN fabrics?

      1. 12

      2. 6

      3. 4

      4. 16

      Answer: D Explanation:

      With the introduction of the 2076-524 nodes, and the ability to have up to eight FC ports

      per node, there are several different options that are valid for attaching storage to the Storwize V7000 Gen2 cluster.

      Apply these Storwize V7000 Unified configuration details for Fibre Channel and Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FC/FCoE Gateway, FCF) switches to ensure that you have a valid configuration.

      Configuring your SAN with at least two independent switches, or networks of switches, ensures a redundant fabric with no single point of failure. If one of the two SAN fabrics fails, the configuration is in a degraded mode, but is still valid. You should maintain separate fabrics for FCoE and FC. If you attempt to combine these fabrics, you might risk adding additional paths to the volumes. Supported configurations allow a maximum of eight paths.

      References:http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/ST5Q4U/com.ibm.storwize.v700 0.unified.141.doc/svc_rulesswitch_223fp0.html

      Question No: 29

      Which tool is used to report usable capacity for IBM Storwize disk subsystems?

      1. Batch Magic

      2. Disk Magic

      3. STAT

      4. Capacity Magic

      Answer: D Explanation:

      IBM Capacity Magic is an easy-to-use tool that runs on a PC, requires a minimum of input, and calculates the physical and effective capacity of the IBM System Storage Systems,including Storwize V7000.

      Question No: 30

      Which statement describes the full set of enhancements of IBM Spectrum Protect for the IBM Storwize Family?

      1. IBM data encryption and security data solutions provide protection for virtual, physical, cloud and software defined environments, as well as crash consistent snapshots.

      2. IBM data protection and data recovery solutions provide protectionfor cloud and software defined environments, as well as core applications and remote facilities.

      3. IBM data duplication and data reduction solutions provide protection for virtual, physical, cloud and software defined environments, as well as multisite copies.

      4. IBM data protection and data recovery solutions provide protection for virtual, physical, cloud and software defined environments, as well as application consistent snapshots.

      Answer: D Explanation:

    • IBM Spectrum Protect deployment options include cloud services, integrated appliances and capacity-based solution bundles.

      Application-aware and Virtual Machine optimized options enable customized data protection for critical workloads.

    • IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot manages application-aware snapshots on EMC, Hitachi, NetApp, IBM and VSS-compatible Windows storage.



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