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IBM Midrange Storage Sales V3 exam

Question No: 31

How does the IBM Software Defined Storage (SDS) deliver a new generation of overall efficiency and analytics?

  1. By driving up data value and lowering data cost

  2. By utilizing virtualization and an ESS

  3. By improving the time to data with IBM FlashSystem 900

  4. By getting deeper insights for client accounting

Answer: B

Question No: 32

A client is required to archive and retain financial records for 10 years due to regulatory compliance reasons. Flexible retention times and expiration policies are mandatory. The client currently uses IBM Spectrum Protect for backup purposes.

Which additional IBM software product will solve this client#39;s needs?

  1. IBM Spectrum Protect for Enterprise Resource Planning

  2. IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot

  3. IBM Spectrum Protect for Data Retention

  4. IBM Spectrum Protect for Space Management

Answer: C

Question No: 33

A customer needs an online storage solution for its CCTV cameras. Lowest environmental impact and cost are major concerns for this customer.

Which solution should the sales representative recommend?

  1. IBM TS3310 Tape Library with IBM 3592 tape drives and IBM Spectrum Protect

  2. IBM Storwize V5010 with IBM Spectrum Control Standard Edition

  3. IBM DCS700 with NL-SAS disk drives and IBM SpectrumProtect

  4. IBM TS3310 Tape Library with LTO Ultrium 7 drives and IBM Spectrum Archive LE

Answer: A

Question No: 34

During a meeting with a customer, the sales specialist learns of the customer#39;s need for block and file access to the storage to allow auto-tiering within the solution.

Which two IBM Storwize V7000 Unified features should be discussed with the customer? (Choose two.)

  1. IBM Real-time Compression

  2. IBM Spectrum Protect

  3. IBM Easy Tier

  4. SSD

  5. IBM Active File Management

Answer: A,B

Question No: 35

A customer has an EMC VNX storage system installed with 40 TB dedicated to SQL databases and needs to clone it for DEV amp; QA servers use. The customer has requested

an IBM solution to meet its needs for an additional 40 TB. Which solution is appropriate for this customer?

  1. IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot

  2. IBM Spectrum Virtualize

  3. IBM Storwize V7000 with RtC and virtualize the VNX

  4. IBM TS7620 with Data Deduplication

Answer: C

Question No: 36

A retail client starts to notice a degradation in its hybrid cloud performance when it has seasonal sales. The volumes allocated to cloud storage is not the issue. Capacity is fine. The client requires a solution to improve performance on the back end.

Which tool should be used to model IBM storage solutions for performance enhancements?

  1. Capacity Magic

  2. STAT Tool

  3. FliP Tool

  4. Disk Magic

Answer: C

Question No: 37

Who is responsible to maintain the record of Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) completion when a TDA is completed for an IBM storage solution sold by a business partner?

  1. IBM Business Partner

  2. IBM Client Rep for Business Partners

  3. IBM Value Added Distributor (VAD)

  4. IBM local account team

Answer: A

Question No: 38

A medium-sized SMB customer with an HP EVA 6350 needs new features that the HP system cannot provide. The general business customer asks for a solution with easy migration and the ability to virtualize the old storage.

Which cost-sensitive IBM system should seller recommend?

  1. IBM Storwize V3700 with external virtualization licenses

  2. IBM Storwize V3700 with full featurebundle

  3. IBM Storwize V5010 with full feature bundle

  4. IBM Storwize V5030 with external virtualization licenses

Answer: B

Question No: 39

A customer is looking for a storage solution that offers functions like Metro and Global mirroring, point-in-time copy, automated multi-tiering, iSCSI, FCP, and direct SAS connectivity to the hosts.

Which product should the sales representative recommend?

  1. IBM FlashSystem V9000

  2. IBM Storwize V5020

  3. IBM Storwize V7000 Unified

  4. IBM Storwize V7000

Answer: D

Question No: 40

A sales specialist has analyzed a customer#39;s environment and determined that the customer needs to add about 8 TB of Tier 0 storage to an existing IBM Storwize V7000

Which option offers the lowest latency?

  1. Add IBM FlashSystem V9000 and virtualize the IBM Storwize V7000 behind the IBM StorwizeV9000.

  2. Add a IBM FlashSystem 900 to environment for direct accessC Add SSDs to the IBM Storwize V7000 configuration

  3. Externally virtualize IBM FlashSystem 900 with the IBM Storwize V7000 system

Answer: C

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