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IBM Power Systems POWER8 Sales Skills V2

Question No: 41

A customer asks about the business value of open source-developed software. Which statement accurately describes the benefit?

  1. Open source code is free of security issues.

  2. Open source projects share the same terms and conditions.

  3. Open source provides binary compatibility applications with AIX.

  4. Open source uses the community development model.

Answer: D

Question No: 42

POWER8 systems introduced a feature to keep it running under power and thermal limits. This improves performance and energy management, while providing additional system reliability and availability.

  1. PowerVP

  2. Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (iPDU)

  3. Power-Optimized Cores

  4. On Chip Controller (OCC)

Answer: D

Question No: 43

A customer requires redundant VIO Servers booting from local disk on their E870. What should be included with an E870 to satisfy the customer’s requirement?

  1. Dual SAS drives in the nodes

  2. EXP24S disk drawer

  3. Split backplane

  4. Dual Solid-State Drives in the nodes

Answer: D

Question No: 44

A retail customer wants to expand their analytic capabilities to improve profit margins. They want to use an in-columnar database for fast reporting, dash-boarding for end-user business intelligence, and then add predictive analytics.

Which software solution stack would satisfy all of their requirements?

  1. IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration, IBM Cognos and IBM SPSS

  2. SAP HANA with Hadoop and Spark from the Apache Foundation

  3. IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration with IBM InfoSphere Streams

  4. IBM InfoSphere Streams with Hadoop from the Apache Foundation

Answer: A

Question No: 45

What POWER8 features are exploited by DB2 with BLU Acceleration to optimize performance?

  1. Simultaneous Multi-Threading and dynamic processor deallocation

  2. Dynamic processor deallocation and processor instruction retry

  3. Simultaneous Multi-Threading and multiple cores

  4. Simultaneous Multi-Threading and processor instruction retry

Answer: C

Question No: 46

A customer acquired a local rival year that had two existing POWER6 570s: each with 16- cores running in an active/active cluster with IBM i and PowerHA. They are ready to refresh the solution using an active/passive cluster with a minimum of 26 cores for their production partition. The customer has a limited budget.

For the least cost, which option should the Power Seller propose?

  1. Two E870s with one classified as a CBU and transfer the PowerHA licenses.

  2. Two S824s with one classified as a CBU and transfer the PowerHA licenses.

  3. Two E870s with one classified as a CBU and PowerHA.

  4. Two E850s with one classified as a CBU and transfer the PowerHA licenses.

Answer: B

Question No: 47

Which of the following is true concerning SAP HANA on POWER8?

  1. When considering SAP in-memory HANA Database, IBM Power Systems should be sold as an SAP HANA appliance.

  2. SAP HANA requirements can be mapped to any SAP certified POWER8 processor- based system, as long as it provides the resources.

  3. The IBM Power SAP HANA server decision has to be made to fit only the memory footprint requirements because of its in-memory design characteristics.

  4. SAP HANA on Power Systems configurations should focus only on the database instance itself.

Answer: B

Question No: 48

A customer is concerned about Power Systems security in a virtualized environment. They want real-time monitoring and trusted firewall between LPARs.

Which IBM product should be proposed?

  1. IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On

  2. PowerSC

  3. Tivoli Security Power Manager

  4. PowerVM

Answer: B

Question No: 49

A customer system environment is composed of multiple generations of older Power Systems servers and third party servers.

The customer wants to refresh the environment with current technology hardware, and implement private cloud technologies that will also allow the customer to move in the direction of hybrid cloud and off-premises cloud solutions.

Which of the following would enable a salesperson to engage to make a comprehensive TCO argument for POWER8 based servers that is focused on the customer’s specific environment?

  1. Eagle Study

  2. System Planning Tool

  3. Workload Estimator

  4. Power Systems Performance Report

Answer: B

Question No: 50

Which Power Systems software product provides virtualization management and integrates with other higher-level cloud managers based on OpenStack technology?

  1. CAPI

  2. PowerVC

  3. Power Systems Solution Edition for Cloud

  4. PowerSC

Answer: B

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