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IBM Tivoli Support Provider Tools and Processes

Question No: 21

Which item can be sent to a Support Provider using e-mail as a temporary solution?

  1. upgrade

  2. source code

  3. new release

  4. hotfix or test fix

Answer: D

Question No: 22

Whatare three correct classifications when reporting a problem? (Choose three.)

  1. Software

  2. Hardware

  3. ICN Number

  4. Priority Level

  5. Response Time

  6. Driver and or Configuration

Answer: A,B,F

Question No: 23

Which is a way to validate that a customeris eligible for support?

  1. Priority Level

  2. Analyst#39;s Discretion

  3. Support Entitlement

  4. Passport Advantage

Answer: C

Question No: 24

During the Problem Determination analysis, which two types of information are imperative to collect in order to verifythe problem? (Choose two.)

  1. end users log / error message history

  2. verify the program version and operating system

  3. end users contact information for troubleshooting

  4. end users time and effort spent on resolving issue

  5. review of other customerswho have experienced similar situations

Answer: A,B

Question No: 25

Which is a diagnostic tool provided by IBM?

  1. Debugger

  2. Log Analyzer

  3. Beyondcompare

  4. Integrity Analyzer

Answer: B

Question No: 26

What should the Level 2 support provider doupon escalation to IBM Tivoli Support?

  1. Ask the customer to contact IBM Tivoli Support directly.

  2. Remain the owner of the issue and work with IBM Tivoli Support.

  3. Provide all must gather information to IBM Tivoli Support and close their internal ticket.

  4. No longer interface with the customer as IBM Tivoli Support is now the primary contact.

Answer: B

Question No: 27

Which two items should be provided when escalating an issue to IBM Tivoli Support? (Choose two.)

  1. severity of issue

  2. description ofthe business impact

  3. does customer have a development system

  4. preferred method of contacting the customer

  5. number days the ticket has been open with the partner

Answer: A,B

Question No: 28

What is the name of the technical manuals that provide positioning and guidance, installation and implementation experiences, typical solution scenarios, and step-by-step how-to instructions?

  1. Redbook

  2. TechNote

  3. product white papers

  4. Tivoli Reference Guides

Answer: A

Question No: 29

What does the acronymICN stand for?

  1. Identity Country Name

  2. Internal Contact Name

  3. IBM Customer Number

  4. Identification Correspondence Number

Answer: C

Question No: 30

When a PMR gets assigned a FITS ID which statement is true?

  1. A Bug ID will be associated with theticket.

  2. A report of the suspected defect is forwarded to IBM Tivoli development.

  3. The customer should expect daily updates from IBM Tivoli Support regarding the issue.

  4. The associated PMR is closed, and the customer should request updates from theirAccount Manager.

Answer: D

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