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GED Social Studies Exam

Question No: 91

– Exhibit-

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– Exhibit –

Which is one likely reason the metropolitan government enacted the Juvenile Curfew Act?

  1. to help find jobs for young people

  2. to protect teenagers during school hours

  3. to relieve parents of their responsibilities

  4. to protect young people as well as the general public

  5. to take away young people’s freedoms of assembly and speech

Answer: D

Question No: 92

What was the purpose of Pericles’s speech?

  1. to celebrate an Athenian military victory

  2. to urge citizens to be cautious in their dealings with others

  3. to warn Athenians against the practice of slavery in a democracy

  4. to describe the benefits of a democratic government

  5. to praise Athens for its arts andsciences

Answer: D

Question No: 93

Which of the following speakers or pair of speakers supported the New Deal legislation?

  1. Speakers A and B

  2. Speaker A only

  3. Speakers B and C

  4. Speaker B only

  5. Speaker C only

Answer: E

Question No: 94

These excerpts are taken from which of the following documents?

  1. the American Declaration of Independence

  2. The Federalist Papers

  3. President George Washington’s Farewell Address

  4. the U.S. Bill of Rights

  5. the U.S. Articles of Confederation

Answer: D

Question No: 95

Which condition was an immediate result of the freedom riders’ actions in 1961?

  1. CORE and other civil rights groups were no longer useful in U.S. politics.

  2. The U.S. public rejected civil rights issues.

  3. Existing segregation practices remained legal on buses.

  4. Private businesses and industry ended all segregation.

  5. Segregated public transportation was declared unconstitutional.

Answer: E

Question No: 96

– Exhibit –

The refugee issue is a worldwide problem.As of 1999, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported that there were an estimated 22.3 million refugees around the world. Africa, with 5.2 million refugees in 1995 alone, has been particularly disrupted by the movements of refugees across many borders.

A variety of causes may force people to become refugees, including desertification, drought, famine, disease, warfare, and political persecution.In the 1990s the most frequent causes of refugee migration were civil wars and ethnic clashes.

Refugees seek international protection and/or assistance and are unable to return home because they fear persecution and violence.While some refugees rely on friends and family for assistance or on their own economic resources, most refugees reside in camps where only about 11 cents a day per refugee is available as aid.The quot;hostquot; countries, often struggling economically themselves, have little to offer refugees.While most refugees maintain the hope of returning to their home countries, some permanently settle in a host country.

– Exhibit-

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Which of the following African countries most likely could not accept many more refugees in the late 1990s?

  1. Kenya

  2. Zimbabwe

  3. Botswana

  4. Morocco

  5. Tunisia

Answer: A

Question No: 97

Based on the tone and content of his speech, what most likely was the political role that Pericles held in Athens?

  1. He was a leader with little regard for public order and welfare in Athens.

  2. He was a champion of the divine right of kings to rule.

  3. He was the leading judge in the Athenian court system.

  4. He was a respected leader among the Athenian people.

  5. He was a supporter of foreign military leaders ruling Athens.

Answer: D

Question No: 98

– Exhibit-

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– Exhibit –

What happened in Eurasia between 632 A.D. and 750 A.D. as a result of the cultural developments illustrated in the maps?

  1. Mechanization and industry spread.

  2. Natural resources were depleted.

  3. Ancient Greek learning was lost.

  4. Communication and travel among regions increased.

  5. Arts and writing declined in Western European empires.

Answer: D

Question No: 99

You will be able to use an Information button to view the material on each question screen.

This 1868 lithograph shows an idealized scene presenting farmers and settlers from the East, along with railroads, moving into lands already occupied by Native Americans.

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– Exhibit –

This 1868 lithograph shows an idealized scene presenting farmers and settlers from the East, along with railroads, moving into lands already occupied by Native Americans.

– Exhibit –

Which of the following statements best describes the lithograph?

  1. Native Americans watch as settlers and railroad move endlessly forward.

  2. Native Americans welcome settlers and the coming of the railroad.

  3. Settlers and Native Americans live in harmony with the railroad.

  4. The West was a vast wilderness with few natural resources.

  5. The Westward Movement benefited both settlers and Native Americans.

Answer: A

Question No: 100

Which of the following reasons explains why African Americans and others worked to repeal Jim Crow laws?

  1. led to the development of universities for African American students

  2. protected the rights of African Americans to assemble freely in public places

  3. gave the federal government too little power over African American businesses

  4. blocked African Americans from the travel, work, and education of their choice

  5. discouraged expression of racist attitudes in public places

Answer: D

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