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Question No: 21

Availability Management deals with the day-to-day availability of services. Which of the following takes over when a #39;disaster#39; situation occurs?

  1. Capacity Management

  2. Service Level Management

  3. Service Continuity Management

  4. Service Reporting

Answer: C

Question No: 22

IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM) is used to support the overall Business Continuity Management (BCM) in order to ensure that the required IT infrastructure and the IT service provision are recovered within an agreed business time scales. Which of the following are the benefits of implementing IT Service Continuity Management?

Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  1. It prioritizes the recovery of IT services by working with BCM and SLM.

  2. It minimizes costs related with recovery plans using proper proactive planning and testing.

  3. It confirms competence, impartiality, and performance capability of an organization that performs audits.

  4. It minimizes disruption in IT services when it follows a major interruption or disaster.

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 23

You work as an Incident handling manager for Orangesect Inc. You detect a virus attack incident in the network of your company. You develop a signature based on the characteristics of the detected virus. Which of the following phases in the Incident handling process will utilize the signature to resolve this incident?

  1. Eradication

  2. Identification

  3. Containment

  4. Recovery

Answer: A

Question No: 24

Which of the following is established during the Business Impact Analysis by the owner of a process in accepted business continuity planning methodology?

  1. Recovery Consistency Objective

  2. Recovery Time Objective

  3. Recovery Point Objective

  4. Recovery Time Actual

Answer: B

Question No: 25

Which of the following options is an intellectual property right to protect inventions?

  1. Snooping

  2. Patent

  3. Copyright

  4. Utility model

Answer: D

Question No: 26

Pete works as a Network Security Officer for Gentech Inc. He wants to encrypt his network traffic. The specific requirement for the encryption algorithm is that it must be a symmetric key block cipher. Which of the following techniques will he use to fulfill this requirement?

  1. AES

  2. DES

  3. IDEA

  4. PGP

Answer: B

Question No: 27

Which of the following is the simulation of the disaster recovery plans?

  1. Walk-through test

  2. Full operational test

  3. Paper test

  4. Preparedness test

Answer: B

Question No: 28

You work as the project manager for Bluewell Inc. Your project has several risks that will affect several stakeholder requirements. Which project management plan will define who will be available to share information on the project risks?

  1. Communications Management Plan

  2. Resource Management Plan

  3. Risk Management Plan

  4. Stakeholder management strategy

Answer: A

Question No: 29

Which of the following levels of RAID provides security features that are availability, enhanced performance, and fault tolerance?

  1. RAID-10

  2. RAID-5

  3. RAID-0

  4. RAID-1

Answer: A

Question No: 30

Which of the following backup sites takes the longest recovery time?

  1. Cold backup site

  2. Hot backup site

  3. Warm backup site

  4. Mobile backup site

Answer: A

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