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IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1

Question No: 11

Which two user registry types can be used in a fail-over environment? (Choose two.)

  1. LDAP

  2. Local file based

  3. WebSphere Application Server

  4. Netcool/OMNIbus ObjectServer

  5. IBM Tivoli Integrated Portal based

Answer: A,D

Question No: 12

Data from an external database would most likely be used in which two ways within IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1? (Choose two.)

  1. To create custom policies

  2. To create service templates

  3. To create a dynamic service tree

  4. To define servicetemplate dependencies

  5. To display data within a column of a custom service tree

Answer: C,E

Question No: 13

The advanced filter property determines which type of rule output value when creating a numerical incoming status rule?

  1. All service instances

  2. All service templates

  3. The affected service instance

  4. The affected service template

Answer: C

Question No: 14

What appears by default after logging into and starting the navigation portlet, selecting Custom Canvas, and clicking Create CustomCanvas View?

  1. A blank service view with gauges

  2. A blank service view with widgets

  3. A blank service view with decorations

  4. A blank service view with indicator boxes

Answer: D

Question No: 15

What is true of 64-bit systems when accessinghardware requirements for an IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1 (TBSM) installation?

  1. TBSM can only be installed on 64-bit hardware

  2. 64-bit systems require less RAM than 32-bit systems

  3. Multiply the 32-bit memory value by 1.5 to calculate the64-bit memory values required

  4. 32-bit systems should be used for dashboard systems because TBSM does not support 64-bit

Answer: C

Question No: 16

What is installed as a mandatory component of the IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager Data Server?

  1. AnImpact server

  2. OMNIbus WebGUI

  3. Tivoli Common Reporting

  4. An IBM Tivoli Monitoring – Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server

Answer: A

Question No: 17

When a service is marked as valid, what does the External Service Dependency Adapter rule do?

  1. Itopens the service inside the service viewer.

  2. It opens the policy logger window for debugging.

  3. It returns the current set of children or parent services.

  4. It returns the corresponding service events out of the ObjectServer.

Answer: C

Question No: 18

What are three common techniques to build service models? (Choose three.)

  1. Use of data fetchers

  2. Use of radshell scripts

  3. Use of autopopulation rules

  4. Use of incoming status rules

  5. Use of dependency rule policies

  6. Use of External ServiceDependency Adapter rules

Answer: B,C,F

Question No: 19

If the SLA for a specific service is currently invalid and needs to be cleared, how is this done?

  1. Click the Empty button in the Output Expressions tab

  2. Click the Empty button in the SLA tabof the service selected

  3. Click the Clear button in the SLA tab of the correctly associated template

  4. Click the Clear button in the Output Expressions tab of the improperly fired SLA

Answer: C

Question No: 20

After installing IBM Tivoli BusinessService Manager V6.1 (TBSM) in a fail-over environment there are issues with OMNIbus when TBSM fails over to the backup OMNIbus ObjectServer.

What are two likely causes for TBSM not failing over to the backup OMNIbus ObjectServer? (Choose two.)

  1. TBSMdoes not support multiple ObjectServers.

  2. TBSM events are only sent to the primary ObjectServer.

  3. The backup ObjectServer was not updated with the TBSM schema

  4. The bi-directional gateway mapping files were not updated correctly.

  5. The reporter gateway has not been updated with the TBSM schema.

Answer: C,D

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