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IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics V7.1 Implementation

Question No: 21

How can optimal database performance be obtained with IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics V7.1 (ITCAM for AD)? (Choose two.)

  1. run the datatrim script on a monthly basis


  3. run product provided utilities with the database administrator#39;s privilege everyday

  4. run the datatrim script regularly targeting the Octigate database in the environment

  5. run the datatrim script everyday targeting all the processes that are handling data for ITCAM for AD

Answer: B,D

Question No: 22

After successfully installing and configuring the J2EE Data Collector, which minimum permissions are required for the Application Server?

  1. no access is requiredfor the Application Server

  2. Read and Write permissions to the garbage collection log file

  3. Read and Write permissions on the /var/ibm/tivoli/common directory

  4. Read and Execute permissions on the Data Collector install directory

Answer: B Explanation:

What is the easiest way to verify that IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics V7.1 Managing Server, installed on AIX, is configured properly to access the Octigate database?

  1. run the command $MS_HOME/bin/klctl.sh dbtest

  2. log into the database server and issue db2 get db cfg for Octigate

  3. log into the Linux database server and issue db2 connect to Octigate

  4. check if the JDBC_Password property specified in $MS_HOME/bin/setenv.sh is correct

Answer: A

Question No: 23

When configuring the J2EE Data Collector for WebLogic, which three parameters are important to configure correctly? (Choose three.)

  1. Java Protocol Type

  2. WebLogic Server Host

  3. WebLogic JNDI Port ID

  4. WebLogic Server User ID

  5. WebLogic JMXServer Port

  6. WebLogic Server Host DNS Address

Answer: B,D,E

Question No: 24

What is the time interval at which the archive agent performs data trimming for the IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics V7.1?

  1. 24 hoursdefault

  2. 2 days and 2 hours

  3. variable times as setup in the file lt;MS_HOMEgt;/etc/deletesingletable.xml

  4. variable times as setup in the file lt;MS_HOMEgt;/etc/deleterelatedtables.xml

Answer: B

Question No: 25

Which statement is true regarding configuration of monitoring of a WebSphere Application Server running on an IBM i 6.1 POWER System using IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics V7.1?

  1. Data Collector (DC) must be installed on IBM i machine and Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent (TEMA) on the remote host

  2. TEMA must be installed on IBM i and DC on the remote host

  3. both TEMA and DC must be installed on the IBM i system

  4. TEMA and DC must be installed on the remote host

Answer: A

Question No: 26

Using the ManagingServer Visualization Engine, in which menu option is the sub menu for Trap and Alert Management found?

  1. Availability

  2. Administration

  3. Problem Determination

  4. Performance Analysis

Answer: C

Question No: 27

The IBM Tivoli Composite ApplicationManager for Application Diagnostics V7.1 Agent for J2EE, used to monitor Oracle/BEA WebLogic Server V9.2 on a Windows system, is having issues. Where are the logs for the agent found on a Windows system?

  1. lt;ITM_homegt;\logs\kyj-TEMA-msg.log

  2. lt;ITM_homegt;\logs\kyn-TEMA-msg.log

  3. lt;ITM_homegt;\logs\lt;archgt;\kyj-TEMA-msg.log

  4. It is not possible to monitor this application server.

Answer: A

Question No: 28

An installation of IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics V7.1 Managing Server on Windows is failing. Based on the system provided information this is because of the installing user#39;s privilieges. What are two user permissions needed

for a successful installation? (Choose two.)

  1. log on as a service

  2. log on as a batch job

  3. create permanent shared objects

  4. act as part of the operating system

  5. adjust memory quotas for a process

Answer: A,D

Question No: 29

During the installation, the configuration of the Managing Server database fails. Which script can be run manuallyto create the database and tables?

  1. itcamdb2.sh

  2. db2setup.sh

  3. db2install.sh

  4. itcammsdb.sh

Answer: C

Question No: 30

An upgrade was just performed from J2EE Data Collector version V6.1 Fix Pack 4 to IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager forApplication Diagnostics V7.1 (ITCAM for AD).

What should happen to clean up after the upgrade?

  1. clean up is performed automatically by an installer

  2. delete old log files and directories as names of new log files differ

  3. run a silentUpdate script with -cleanUP flag to perform required actions

  4. clean up will be performed automatically by the Data Collector after its restart

Answer: B

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