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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1 Fundamentals

Question No: 11

A node is moved from one domain to another domain. The next day the administrator notices the client has not been backed up. What action must be taken?

  1. Reset the client password.

  2. Register the node in the domain.

  3. Stop and start the client scheduler to find the new domain.

  4. Verify that the node has been associated to a schedule in the new domain.

Answer: B

Explanation: REGISTER NODE (Register a Node) Use this command to register a node to the server.

If a client requires a different policy domain than STANDARD, you must register the client node with this command or update the registered node.

Question No: 12

What can be done so that a data center can maintain highly available restore and recovery capabilities across data centers?

  1. Use node replication.

  2. Use active-data pools.

  3. Put the storage pools on shared SAN volumes.

  4. Use Disaster Recovery Manager to automate a server rebuild if needed.

Answer: D

Explanation: The Disaster Recovery Manager (DRM)

The TSM(Tivoli StorageManager)Disaster Recovery Manager is a feature that is included with TSM Extended Edition andit is the part of the TSM application that can be used to assist with the management of off-sitedisaster recovery.

Reference:A Brief Introduction to IBM Tivoli StorageManager Disaster Recovery Manager

Question No: 13

What does the message ANR***W format indicate?

  1. This is a client warning message.

  2. This is an informational message.

  3. This message was posted Wednesday.

  4. This is a Tivoli Storage Manager server warning message

Answer: D

Explanation: Server ANR messages list. Examples:

ANR0107W: Source file(line number): Transaction transaction ID was not committed due to an internal error.

ANR0115W: The server script script name attempted to start more parallel commands than are allowed for a single script. A single script is limited to parallel command limit parallel commands.

ANR0116W: The server script script name attempted to start more parallel commands than are allowed for the server. The server is limited to parallel command limit parallel commands.

Question No: 14

Which three resources are used to investigate the reasons for an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Backup-Archive client scheduled backup failure?

  1. actlog

  2. dsmserv.log

  3. dsmerror.log

  4. dsmserv.dsk

  5. dsmclient.log

  6. dsmsched.log

Answer: B,C,F

Explanation: C:Review the dsmerror.log file (and dsmsched.log file for scheduled events) to determine what error messages were issued and to assess their impact on the operation.

F:The dsmsched.log file contains status information for the Tivoli Storage Manager scheduler service.

B: Example: root@ARTIST:/home/adsm/adsmconf/logs

# tail dsmserv.log

1020916-050916: ANR0406I Session 5711 started for node ARTIST_DB2 (DB2) (Tcp/Iroot@ARTIST:/home/adsm/adsmconf/logs

1020916-060056: ANR4554I Backed up 8736 of 11705 database pages.

1020916-060100: ANR4554I Backed up 10192 of 11705 database pages.

1020916-060104: ANR4554I Backed up 11648 of 11705 database pages.

1020916-060105: ANR1361I Output volume 04EDB0 closed.

1020916-060105: ANR4550I Full database backup (process 847) complete, 11705 pages copied.

1020916-060105: ANR0985I Process 847 for DATABASE BACKUP running in the BACKGROUND completed

1020916-060105: with completion state SUCCESS at 06:01:05.

1020916-060109: ANR8336I Verifying label of 3570 volume 04EDB0 in drive RMT0 (/dev/rmt0).

1020916-060126: ANR8468I 3570 volume 04EDB0 dismounted from drive RMT0 (/dev/rmt0) in library

1020916-060126: MAGSTARMP.

Question No: 15

What is left on the client disk when a file is migrated using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager space management?

  1. a mig file

  2. a stub file

  3. no file is left

  4. a directory file

Answer: B

Explanation: When a file is migrated from your local system to Tivoli Storage Manager storage,

a placeholder, or stub file, is created in place of the original file. Stub files contain the necessary information to recall your migrated files and remain on your local file system so that the files appear to reside locally. This contrasts with archiving, where you usually delete files from your local file system after archiving them.

Question No: 16

What is meant by the server option Dedup Requires Backup?

  1. The client must back up deduplicated data.

  2. Only copy storage pools can be enabled for deduplication.

  3. The database must be backed up prior to deduplication taking place.

  4. The duplicated data will be freed after a successful storage pool backup is run.

Answer: D

Explanation: The DEDUPREQUIRESBACKUP option specifies whether volumes in primary sequential-access storage pools that are set up for deduplication can be reclaimed and whether duplicate data can be discarded before the storage pools are backed up.

Question No: 17

What occurs in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Operations Center V7.1 when the command set statusskipasfailure off type=vm is set in the TSM server?

  1. Reporting for virtual systems is disabled.

  2. Monitoring of back up data for virtual systems is disabled.

  3. Virtual systems with files skipped during backups are no longer evaluated for at risk status.

  4. Virtual systems that missed the scheduled backup are no longer evaluated for at risk status.

Answer: C

Explanation: Disable at-risk evaluation for virtual system client types

Disable the at-risk evaluation for virtual systems client types by issuing the following command:

set statusskipasfailure off type=vm

Note:SET STATUSSKIPASFAILURE (Specifies whether to use client at-risk skipped files as failure evaluation)

Use this command to enable the status monitor to consider clients as at risk when evaluating the status for each client.

Question No: 18

Which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V7.1 component provides a general overview of the status of the TSM server and clients?

  1. TSM Manager

  2. Operations Center

  3. IBM Tivoli Monitoring agent

  4. Integrated Storage Console

Answer: B

Explanation: The Operations Center is IBM’s next-generation graphical user interface for Tivoli Storage Manager. It provides advanced end-to-end visibility of the entire backup environment. Over time, IBM plans to add more control and automation capabilities, which will dramatically simplify daily management and operational tasks for a wide range of users. Incorrect:

Not A:IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is a client and server program that provides storage management solutions to customers in a multi-vendor computer environment. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager provides an automated, centrally scheduled, policy-managed backup, archive, and space-management facility for file servers and workstations.

Not D: No such thing as anIntegrated Storage Console.

Question No: 19

The host application creates transaction logs and rotates old logs to a temp directory every hour. Which action ensures the logs are saved to the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server before deleting them?

  1. Use continuous data backup of the temp directory.

  2. Archive the temp directory hourly and specify the DELETEFILES option.

  3. Run a snapshot and specify the post-snapshot script to delete old logs.

  4. Run an incremental backup and use the host scheduler to delete log files.

Answer: B

Explanation: Use the deletefiles option with the archive command to delete files from your workstation after you archive them.

Question No: 20

Which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server database backup type can be taken offsite?

  1. image database backups

  2. database snapshot backups

  3. differential database backups

  4. high availability database backups

Answer: B

Explanation: Snapshot database backups are typically used for off-site disaster recovery purposes.

Note:When the client backups are complete, the new data in the primary storage pools should be copied to a copy storage pool. The copy storage pool tapes, along with

the database backup tapes, should be taken to a secure off-site location or vault. The copy storage pool and database backup tapes are referred to collectively as the off-site backups, and will be used to restore your environment in the event of a catastrophic failure or disaster.

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