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IBM z Systems Technical Support

Question No: 51

A customer runs production on one z13, with a z196 as a backup. The customer is planning a 50% capacity increase on both machines.

Which of the following options can be considered?

  1. A z13 upgrade and CBU for the z196

  2. A z13 upgrade, and ON/OFF CoD for the z196

  3. A z13 upgrade, and a z196 upgrade to a newer generation model

  4. A z13 upgrade, and an equivalent z196 capacity upgrade for the backup situation

Answer: B

Question No: 52

A customer is running a Java workload in a z/OS in LPAR on a z13.

Which speciality processor can help reduce the GCP consumption of this LPAR?

  1. ICF

  2. zAAP

  3. IFL

  4. zIIP

Answer: D

Question No: 53

What is the maximum number of zllP specialty engines eligible to be installed on a 10-CP z13-N30?

  1. 10 zllPs

  2. 12 zllPs

  3. 10zAAPs and 10 zllPs

  4. 5 zllPs

Answer: D

Question No: 54

Which of the following automates the activation of resources, which will allow the z Systems processor to scale up and down?

  1. Resource Management Facility

  2. Tivoli OMEGAMON XE on z/OS

  3. System Modification Program/Extended

  4. Capacity Provisioning Manager

Answer: B

Question No: 55

Which feature is designed to provide hardware-based acceleration for both data compression and decompression on IBM z13 and zBC12?

  1. 10GbE RoCE Express

  2. zEDC Express

  3. Crypto Express4S-1P

  4. Flash Express

Answer: B

Reference: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/pdfs/sg248250.pdf (page 33, first para on the page)

Question No: 56

A customer has a clustered Linux distributed application that connects to the mainframe as a backend DB2 Data Server.

Which configuration would support the customer’s environment if configured on z Systems?

  1. z/VM using a virtual switch connecting Linux to a z/OS OSA dual port connections between LPARs

  2. z/VM with SSl, Linux guests on z Systems HiperSockets connecting Linux on z Systems with z/OS

  3. z/VM on multiple Linux on z Systems guests using Systems DirectorHyperChannels connecting z/VM with z/OS

  4. z/VM with the DirMaint facility and multiple Linux mini-disksHiperDispatch connecting Linux on z Systems with z/OS

Answer: D

Question No: 57

A customer is ordering a z13 and needs to provide a secure environment in which to manage cryptographic keys.

What can be added to the configuration to support the requirement?

  1. TKE Workstation.

  2. CPACF

  3. Crypto Express5S

  4. Additional HMC

Answer: C

Question No: 58

A government customer is planning a large scale IT project. They have many kinds of workload requirements including OLTP transactions, file transfer, short and long batch jobs, OLAP workload etc. The customer will decide between z Systems and Unix servers.

They want to know if the TPC/C value is a fair benchmark to closely reflect their workload needs before opening the bid process.

Which of the following is the appropriate response?

  1. IBM can convert IBM MIPS into TPC/C for the bid purpose.

  2. IBM doesn’t provide benchmarks like TPC/C , so they can only reference other accounts in the sameindustry and bid accordingly.

  3. IBM can do an OLTP benchmark on z Systems and then derive an equivalent TPC/C number prior to thebid.

  4. IBM would like to do a benchmark for the customer’s workloads; then bid accordingly.

Answer: C

Question No: 59

A customer wants to deploy ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes on Linux on z Systems.

Which offering satisfies the customer requirement?

  1. IBM InfoSphere DataStage

  2. IBM DB2 with BLU acceleration

  3. IBM Cognos TM1

  4. IBM SPSS Modeler

Answer: A

Reference: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSZJPZ_8.7.0/ com.ibm.swg.im.iis.productization.iisinfsv.overview.doc/topics/c_is_seriesz_companion_pro ds.html

Question No: 60

A customer is planning LPARs to run z/VM 6.3 with Linux virtual servers on z13. What is the maximum memory that can be allocated to each LPAR?

  1. 4TB

  2. 1TB

  3. 10TB

  4. 512 GB

Answer: B

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