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IBM Sterling Connect: Direct, Administration

Question No: 31 – (Topic 1)

In order to submit a process, what are the minimum values that must be specified in Sterling Connect:Direct File Agent?

  1. SNODE, PNODE, Source File Name, Target File Name, Process Name, Class

  2. Node Name, IP-Address, Port, Rule, Error Process, Error Arguments, File Name, Class

  3. Userid, Password, DNS, API Port, Default Process, Default Arguments, Process Class, SNMP Listen Address

  4. Userid, Password, API DNS, API Port, Gate Keeper port, Watch Directory, Default Process, Default Arguments

Answer: D

Question No: 32 – (Topic 1)

Using the Sterling Certificate Wizard, what certificate elements are needed to validate a keycert certificate file?

  1. Passphrase, Keycert file, Public Key Certificate file, Trusted Root file

  2. Passphrase, Keycert file, Public Key Certificate file, Certificate Signing Request file

  3. Keycert file, Private Key file, Trusted Root file, Self-Signed Certificate file

  4. Keycert file, Private Key filename, Public Key Certificate file, Trusted Root file

Answer: A

Question No: 33 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following is supported by Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS V1 FMH flows?

  1. XDR Keywords

  2. Mapped DSECTS

  3. ZLIB Compression

  4. Cyclic redundancy check (CRC)

Answer: B

Question No: 34 – (Topic 1)

When using checkpointing with TCP/IP or LU62, what node controls the checkpoint interval?

  1. The sending node.

  2. The receiving node.

  3. Both the sending and receiving nodes.

  4. Neither the sending nor receiving nodes.

Answer: A

Question No: 35 – (Topic 1)

Which option shows the correct syntax to send a file from Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows to UNIX in text mode?

  1. FROM SYSOPTS=quot;datatype(text) xlate(no) strip.blanks(no)quot; TO SYSOPTS=quot;datatype(text) xlate(no) strip.blanks(no)quot;

  2. FROM SYSOPTS=quot;datatype(text) xlate(no) strip.blanks(no)quot; TO SYSOPTS=quot;:datatype=text:xlate=no:strip.blanks=no:quot;

  3. FROM SYSOPTS=quot;:datatype=text:xlate=no:strip.blanks=no:quot;

    TO SYSOPTS=quot;:datatype=text:xlate=no:strip.blanks=no:quot;

  4. FROM SYSOPTS=quot;:datatype=text:xlate=no:strip.blanks=no:quot; TO SYSOPTS=quot;datatype(text) xlate(no) strip.blanks(no)quot;

Answer: B

Question No: 36 – (Topic 1)

A company has implemented Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX in their new environment and the administrator has been tasked to add users so they can gain access to Connect:Direct. What configuration file needs to be modified?

  1. userfile.cfg

  2. ndmapi.cfg

  3. netmap.cfg

  4. initparm.cfg

Answer: A

Question No: 37 – (Topic 1)

When configuring a node in Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows, which field is found on the General properties tab in the CD Admin Tool?

  1. API IP Address

  2. Local LU Name

  3. Max PNode Sessions

  4. Enable TCP/IP Support

Answer: C

Question No: 38 – (Topic 1)

Which tools can be used to create a Connect:Direct process that will perform syntax checking of the process?

  1. Sterling Secure Proxy

  2. Sterling Control Center

  3. Sterling Certificate Wizard

  4. Sterling Connect:Direct Browser

Answer: D

Question No: 39 – (Topic 1)

In Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows, which parameter is required when configuring a remote node using Advanced Program to Program Communication (APPC)?

  1. Partner LU Name

  2. Alternate Comminfo

  3. Host Name/IP Address

  4. UDT communication path name

Answer: A

Question No: 40 – (Topic 1)

A Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows and UNIX user wants to determine the outcome of process numbers 10 to 15. What command can retrieve this information?

  1. select statistics pnumber=(10-15);

  2. select statistics pnumber=(10..15);

  3. select statistics pnumber=10,11,12,13,14,15;

  4. select statistics pnumber=(10,11,12,13,14,15);

Answer: D

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