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ECCouncil Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (V8)

Question No: 41

Web applications provide an Interface between end users and web servers through a set of web pages that are generated at the server-end or contain script code to be executed dynamically within the client Web browser.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: A

Question No: 42

Jason, a renowned forensic investigator, is investigating a network attack that resulted in the compromise of several systems in a reputed multinational#39;s network. He started Wireshark to capture the network traffic. Upon investigation, he found that the DNS packets

travelling across the network belonged to a non-company configured IP. Which of the following attack Jason can infer from his findings?

  1. DNS Poisoning

  2. Cookie Poisoning Attack

  3. DNS Redirection

  4. Session poisoning

Answer: A

Question No: 43

Which table is used to convert huge word lists (i .e. dictionary files and brute-force lists) into password hashes?

  1. Rainbow tables

  2. Hash tables

  3. Master file tables

  4. Database tables

Answer: A

Question No: 44

Data acquisition system is a combination of tools or processes used to gather, analyze and record Information about some phenomenon. Different data acquisition system are used depends on the location, speed, cost. etc. Serial communication data acquisition system is used when the actual location of the data is at some distance from the computer. Which of the following communication standard is used in serial communication data acquisition system?

  1. RS422

  2. RS423

  3. RS232

  4. RS231

Answer: C

Question No: 45

Which of the following statements is incorrect when preserving digital evidence?

  1. Document the actions and changes that you observe in the monitor, computer, printer, or in other peripherals

  2. Verily if the monitor is in on, off, or in sleep mode

  3. Remove the power cable depending on the power state of the computer i.e., in on. off, or in sleep mode

  4. Turn on the computer and extract Windows event viewer log files

Answer: D

Question No: 46

Which of the following would you consider an aspect of organizational security, especially focusing on IT security?

  1. Biometric information security

  2. Security from frauds

  3. Application security

  4. Information copyright security

Answer: C

Question No: 47

Which of the following approaches checks and compares all the fields systematically and intentionally for positive and negative correlation with each other to determine the correlation across one or multiple fields?

  1. Graph-based approach

  2. Neural network-based approach

  3. Rule-based approach

  4. Automated field correlation approach

Answer: D

Question No: 48

Log management includes all the processes and techniques used to collect, aggregate, and analyze computer-generated log messages. It consists of the hardware, software, network and media used to generate, transmit, store, analyze, and dispose of log data.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: A

Question No: 49

Data files from original evidence should be used for forensics analysis

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: B

Question No: 50

Attackers can manipulate variables that reference files with quot;dot-dot-slash (./)quot; sequences and their variations such as http://www.juggyDoy.corn/GET/process.php./././././././././etc/passwd.

Identify the attack referred.

  1. Directory traversal

  2. SQL Injection

  3. XSS attack

  4. File injection

Answer: A

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