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ECCouncil Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (V8)

Question No: 101

In an echo data hiding technique, the secret message is embedded into a as

an echo.

  1. Cover audio signal

  2. Phase spectrum of a digital signal

  3. Pseudo-random signal

  4. Pseudo- spectrum signal

Answer: A

Question No: 102

Attacker uses vulnerabilities in the authentication or session management functions such as exposed accounts, session IDs, logout, password management, timeouts, remember me. secret question, account update etc. to impersonate users, if a user simply closes the browser without logging out from sites accessed through a public computer, attacker can use the same browser later and exploit the user#39;s privileges. Which of the following vulnerability/exploitation is referred above?

  1. Session ID in URLs

  2. Timeout Exploitation

  3. I/O exploitation

  4. Password Exploitation

Answer: B

Question No: 103

An Internet standard protocol (built on top of TCP/IP) that assures accurate synchronization to the millisecond of computer clock times in a network of computers. Which of the following statement is true for NTP Stratum Levels?

  1. Stratum-0 servers are used on the network; they are not directly connected to computers which then operate as stratum-1 servers

  2. Stratum-1 time server is linked over a network path to a reliable source of UTC time such as GPS, WWV, or CDMA transmissions

  3. A stratum-2 server is directly linked (not over a network path) to a reliable source of UTC time such as GPS, WWV, or CDMA transmissions

  4. A stratum-3 server gets its time over a network link, via NTP, from a stratum-2 server, and so on

Answer: D

Question No: 104

Which is not a part of environmental conditions of a forensics lab?

  1. Large dimensions of the room

  2. Good cooling system to overcome excess heat generated by the work station

  3. Allocation of workstations as per the room dimensions

  4. Open windows facing the public road

Answer: D

Question No: 105

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a RGB bitmap Image format for Images with up to 256 distinct colors per frame.

  1. 8-bit

  2. 16-bit

  3. 24-bit

  4. 32-bit

Answer: A

Question No: 106

Cyber-crime is defined as any Illegal act involving a gun, ammunition, or its applications.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: B

Question No: 107

In what circumstances would you conduct searches without a warrant?

  1. When destruction of evidence is imminent, a warrantless seizure of that evidence is justified if there is probable cause to believe that the item seized constitutes evidence of criminal activity

  2. Agents may search a place or object without a warrant if he suspect the crime was committed

  3. A search warrant is not required if the crime involves Denial-Of-Service attack over the Internet

  4. Law enforcement agencies located in California under section SB 567 are authorized to seize computers without warrant under all circumstances

Answer: A

Question No: 108

A computer forensic report is a report which provides detailed information on the complete forensics investigation process.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: A

Question No: 109

Data compression involves encoding the data to take up less storage space and less bandwidth for transmission. It helps in saving cost and high data manipulation in many business applications.

Which data compression technique maintains data integrity?

  1. Lossless compression

  2. Lossy compression

  3. Speech encoding compression

  4. Lossy video compression

Answer: A

Question No: 110

First responder is a person who arrives first at the crime scene and accesses the victim#39;s computer system after the incident. He or She is responsible for protecting, integrating, and preserving the evidence obtained from the crime scene.

Which of the following is not a role of first responder?

  1. Identify and analyze the crime scene

  2. Protect and secure the crime scene

  3. Package and transport the electronic evidence to forensics lab

  4. Prosecute the suspect in court of law

Answer: D

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