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Linux Security

Question No: 11

Which statement describes the cron daemon?

  1. Manages scheduling of routine system tasks

  2. Manages all incoming connections and spawns off child processes

  3. Is responsible for file sharing across a network

  4. Keeps track of system messages and errors

  5. Manages the printing subsystem

Answer: B

Question No: 12

You#39;re using a communications protocol that cannot handle encrypted passwords.

You need to disable the Shadow Password Suite. Which of the following pairs of commands restores the original clear-text passwords that you had encrypted into the

/etc/shadow and /etc/gshadow files?

  1. grpunconv; passunconv

  2. grpunconv; pwunconv

  3. gconv; passunconv

  4. gconv; pwunconv

Answer: B

Question No: 13

What would the following command do? cat MyFile | sort | tee | lpr

  1. Print the contents of MyFile in alphabetical order and display the contents of MyFile in sorted order.

  2. Print the contents of MyFile in alphabetical order and display the contents of MyFile.

  3. It would not work because it contains too many pipes.

  4. Print the contents of MyFile in alphabetical order.

Answer: A

Question No: 14

You inadvertently change the permission block on /usr/bin/passwd command to


What would be the effect of this change?

  1. No changes in how the command runs would occur.

  2. Users could no longer change their passwords because they do not have write permissions to /etc/passwd.

  3. Users#39; passwords would not expire.

  4. Shadow passwords would quit working.

Answer: B

Question No: 15

One of your colleagues is showing you the output from a protocol analyzer, which can detect the types of messages that are being transmitted over a network. The protocol analyzer shows a large number of ping commands being sent to your Web server. Others on the Internet are having trouble accessing your Web server. What kind of problem are you having?

  1. Someone is using your Web site to test their connectivity to the Internet.

  2. Someone is using a DoS attack on your Web site.

  3. There is no problem; this is normal traffic from DNS servers and Internet routers checking connectivity to your Web site.

  4. There is insufficient capacity on the Internet connection to your Web site.

Answer: B

Question No: 16

When you look through the /var/log directory you see a new file, httpd.crit. Assume that it is a legitimate file, created for legitimate reasons. Which of the following statements is the best possible description of this file?

  1. It contains error messages related to access to your Apache Web server.

  2. It includes critical notices related to access through your router.

  3. It contains critical information related to your Web access.

  4. It includes critical messages about the actions taken by your Apache Web server.

Answer: B

Question No: 17

When you downloaded a kernel patch from the Internet, the name you clicked on was kernel-patch-2.4.4-66.i386.tar.gz. The file that was downloaded is kernel-patch-2.4.4- 66.i386.tgz. Which of the following commands will unarchive this patch from the /tmp directory?

  1. tar cvf /tmp/kernel-patch-2.4.4-66.i386.tgz

  2. tar xzf /tmp/kernel-patch-2.4.4-66.i386.tgz

  3. tar czf /tmp/kernel-patch-2.4.4-66.i386.tgz

  4. tar xvf /tmp/kernel-patch-2.4.4-66.i386.tgz

Answer: C

Question No: 18

Your supervisor tells you that she wants a crime database program, /opt/bin/anticrime run at the highest priority. From the ps aux | grep anticrime command, you find that anticrime is currently being run by user jb (your supervisor), with a PID of 1539. Which of the following commands gives the currently running anticrime program a higher priority on your system?

  1. nice -n -10 anticrime

  2. renice -10 1539

  3. renice 10 1539

  4. nice -n 10 anticrime

Answer: C

Question No: 19

What does the command quot;psquot; do?

  1. Prints the directory

  2. Print status of LPT1

  3. Shows what processes are running

  4. Produces system statistics

Answer: C

Question No: 20

A user is logged into the Linux workstation, what is the best way to login to root from a shell prompt?

  1. chuser root

  2. root

  3. login root

  4. su

Answer: D

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